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  • Aham

I have this phone for 1 year and a half, and i have a problems w/ my phone. 1. if u install something big the phone works slower 2. touch is not good anymore 3. I can't softare update Android (on this mobile is android version 2.2, but now is on the market Android 4.4) so I have many complains!

  • HTC WildFire User

Hi all, I have been using this mobile since from last one yr. I found the following prbms, 1. if u install some big size games then opetaions becomes slow. 2. Charger is not supporting to mobile, while charging the mobile operation becomes slow & i hav changed the charger also after two months from purchased date but the prbm was coming even after changing the charger. 3. after 8 months use mobile hanged out & HTS Service centre has replaced some internan screen parts & charged Rs. 2350 as i was losen the Original bill & warranty. Other than these mobile operation is excellent, smooth & very good. Thank u.

  • passanger

hi guys,
I think that neither people who say "phone is very bad" nor the ones saying "phone is wonderful" are right. why? because phone is somewhere between. when you consider the price of the phone and the year of release - may, 2010 (and now is november, 2012) it is irrelevant to expect very much out of it. especially comparing it with today's models doesn't make sense. I'm not saying that phone is perfect, but I think that you got what you paid for. even though phone has some problems, it is far far away from being "worhless", "crap", etc.

now I want to give you a hint!!!

in order this phone to be better working, you have to do two things:

- first, you have to root your phone. rooting wildfire is very easy, you just need computer connected to the internet and the usb cable of htc (generally the one u use for charging). because of the "posting rules" I won't be able to share directly web adresses, but if u search on any search engine for "how to root my htc wildfire", "S-OFF", and "alpharev", you can find plenty of information (generally on forums, xda-developers, etc).

- After u finish rooting, u have to find a ROM for htc wildfire. there are much ROM's on the net, but the most widely used are ones from cyanogenmod. whatever the ROM, u get the upgrade to at least 2.3.x Gingerbread, but some rom developers went further and developed roms with 3.x Honeycomb. generally, whatever the ROM, u get more useful and better working wildfire.

BUT you should be aware/chek one thing. if your phone is still under warranty, you should chek whether or not warranty is void (annuled) when software changes are made. if it is not then ok, you can follow the above described steps, but if it is out of warranty when software changes are made, then you have to choose between better working htc and warranty.

because I am a user of HTC Wildfire, I can say that after rooting a thought it was not the same phone a used before root. nevertheless, it is up to you whether you root your phone or not, I just wanted to share my experience and hope to be helpful to some of you.

best regards.

  • joel

i put a fingerprint screen lock on my phone, but its not scanining my print.

  • AnonD-84207

all the games on HTC Wildfire lags alot.. can anybody tell how can i speed up my phone


  • AnonD-66161

Milli, 26 Nov 2012Lately i have so many problems with this phone. Touch screen wo... moreHi

I`ve got the same problem from sixth month, since the mobile purchased. I scolded at the mobile shop to claim n make service in warranty period. There will be no workouts/factory reset is a best solution. You`ve to replace the touchpad with the help of hTC service center. I did the same and now there is no issues

  • Anonymous

Learn about a process called root guys and you really can speed your phone up after that

  • tom

texting on this phone is very bad. freezes everytime i try to open a text or when i try to send one. It can barely store any texts and it freezes when i try to delete any! im always pressing the bottom buttons by accident thats annoying.
Any apps slow the phone down even more. i no longer get a vibration when i get a text and sometimes not even a notification!
Hate the phone, had to switch to a blackberry 10 month before my contract has run out as i am sick of it.

  • AnonD-82575

I have this phone and i don't recommend it to anyone, this is coming towards the end of my contract which i've had for two years and it was great to start with but within a few months it started to bog down and not work properly it doesn't play the recent games/apps its got super old software on it and i cant wait for my upgrade being available in three days in which i will either get HTC 8x, Iphone or Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Just don't even look at this phone its got multi-touch and all that rubbish but its rubbish at doing it it's glitchy and slow don't waste your money.

  • no fear

Milli, 26 Nov 2012Lately i have so many problems with this phone. Touch screen wo... moredude touch screen hould be replaced NO other option

fine and better to sell your phone display cost around 3500/-

  • Milli

Lately i have so many problems with this phone.
Touch screen won't do as i press, it moves the icon itself,trying to remove them, blocks writing the msgs...
i tried reseting the settings, but no good.

What to do , what's wrong with the phone ?



  • AnonD-80668

AnonD-79428, 22 Nov 2012Best thing is that you can install Cyanogenmod hence getting Gin... morehey,,,,
how did you do that...


is it multi touch or not ???

plz tell

  • karan

nycc phonr

  • AnonD-79428

Best thing is that you can install Cyanogenmod hence getting Gingerbread and great features. Also, you can use 32GB microSD cards.
It has a great compact size, you can use it with just one hand and generally feels comfortable. Handling is pretty slick with the buttons, except for the trackpad which is unnecessary and often hangs.

Battery lasts a day, RAM and CPU are absoultely outdated. Even when you have lots of storage on a microSD card and install apps on the card, there's always some data stored on the phone and since its memory is so low, you won't be able to install more than 10-20 apps! I can't even use Skype because it's so memory-hungry.

When music is playing text input is almost impossible and apps take ages to load. Also you can't install Firefox due to incompatibility but Opera Mini is pretty smooth. When I answer the phone it still keeps ringing for up to 3 seconds before the call is accepted. Same for declining calls. Snapshots are impossible since the camera app needs 10 seconds to load and another 3 seconds to capture.

The small price doesn't make up for the horrendously slow processor and low memory. Trust me, you'll be wishing you'd spent a few bucks more to get a capable smartphone!

  • mani

whats the total internal memory in htc wildfire?

  • Philip

Neeraj, 12 Nov 2012hey friends, i just want to tell you please don't go with the f... moreThank u very much for ur opinion, i just bougth the phone, but i dont knw how to go about it, and information i have read so far, is making me regreting why i buy it, thanks for ur advice.

  • Jordan ash

I m using HTC wildfire .and its a good cellphone. and it got superfine camera .and I love HTC

  • Anonymous

it has poor battery backup,
when i hav one to one and the only service centre(poor service) available in ap state,there r many felows came with same complaint.

  • Pradeep N

Worst Mobile Hangs,Restarts,Battery Life is Too Poor.
Worst Mobile