HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire

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  • joe

GEORGIA, 08 Mar 2012have regretted getting this phone t mobile application has taken... morego to sd&phone mory then manage installed apps u can uninstall it.hope u enjoy ur time with htc wildfire

  • rina

i always try to put in a sim card but its asks me for a unlock pin.what shuld i do?

  • Anonymous

hey friends which phone is better htc explorer or htc wildfire..plz reply..asap

  • gju

Nice phone but the apps are a bit slow...

  • mukul

i cnt access videos cud any1 plz help me sorting out ma prob ???????????

  • Mohsin

AnonD-44825, 03 Mar 2012I was wondering if anyone could gave me some valuable advice ple... moreWildfire is great Android(smart)phone as compare to other of same price !!!! Only difference in wildfire & wildfire s is processing speed and in-built memory. wildfire has 528 hz and wildlife s has 600. wildfire has less in- built memory as compare to wildfire s but the price difference is also there. WILDFIRE is of 10,500/- AND WILDFIRE S 13,400/- !!!! Go HTC wildfire !!!!! HTC is best company !!!!!!
It very good looking phone .Camera and video recording quality is very good. u will love d touch of phone. It has mouse key. music quality is also good. nice aaps & games u can download from android market !!!!!
Ratings : 9 out 10

  • abc

AnonD-44825, 03 Mar 2012I was wondering if anyone could gave me some valuable advice ple... moreGo for the wildfire s..better screen, better processor and gingerbread...i own the wildfire and i love it but regret not considering the wildfire's worth the extra price


have regretted getting this phone t mobile application has taken all my memory on the phone please help me how to delete these to enable me enjoy my phone

  • Anonymous

nice phone with good features

  • gany

the mobile will be slow if u r using 16GB memory card..

  • blondi

CAN anyone hlp me. I rooted my wildfire and installed cy7 gingerbread 2.3.3 everything worked grt. BUt when I went to market apps it wouldn work. ANybody hlp me solve this problem. PLease reply. Thx.

  • Obies

I am absolutely horrified that a manufacturer would make such a terrible phone! The battery life only lasts a day. The phone automatically connects to the internet and just downloads updates the whole time. I was shocked with my account. My boyfriend and I both bought the same phone and they both give us the same amount of problems. They are also extremely slow. I am so dissappointed in this piece of 'technology' PS the phone often needs to be forced closed.The phone also cuts you off while you talking and disconnects you to the network and there is nothing wrong with the network.

  • blondi

koolkishan, 16 Jan 2012I have been using this phone since 1 year..The phone is really g... moreHI. MY husband did that on my phone. EVerything went well . BUT I couldn get into appsmarket . Cud you tell me if you had that problem and how to fix it. Plz reply. thx

  • blondi

HI. MY husband rooted my HTC wildfre with cayn 7 and android 2.3.3. EVerything went well. I was happy with it. BUt then wen I clicked on market apps it didn work. HAS anyone come across this problem. If so could u help me to fix it. Plz reply . THanx.

  • Anonymous

till how long its battery works??

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Nothing works. I have spent hours and hours trying to get the friend stream to work when it regularly stops working, deleting data to free space on phone despite there being 14fb space on SD card and trying to resolve many other issues. Do not buy this phone, pay a little more for an iphone, its worth it.

  • ragul

my wildfire is too slow... help me...!

  • blondi

AnonD-44825, 03 Mar 2012I was wondering if anyone could gave me some valuable advice ple... moreHI. I have HTC wildfire and HTC explorer and also wildfire s. THe explorer and wildfire s are gingerbread. BUt they are small screens compared to wildfire. I really like the wildfire. It's nicer looking and bigger screen . It's fast enough for me. THe wildfire I like best. MOre memory in it . Hope this helps. BYe

  • dany

hi every one what is different between , 256k colour and 16m i have little knowledge about display colours plx tell me ??

  • abi

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2012its a goood phone i have this phone...........if any wants to bu... morehello im planning to buy this. i want to know is it fast on browsing and does it have good apps and games..