HTC Windows Phone 8X

HTC Windows Phone 8X

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  • sage

Really cool looking phone

This is another phone from back in the day which I also still remember. These days it's now the butt of all jokes to be honest! :D

still working!
on design, it feels good in the hand, with the silky curved back, easy to pick up on the table just as advertised by htc design team...
it also looks beautiful on front for a bit curve glass (but not curved display which is good)...
good sound, some songs are better with the beats audio on...
camera is good enough... front cam good for groufie, can fit a lot...
but, i got a nonnfc one...
now, using it as a music player, sometimes snapping pictures, as a back up phone...

  • Anonymous

Probably the most comfortable phone ever made. Perfect size and fits in the hand so well

  • ZigZag

ZAG, 28 May 2017You can't do anything as YOU have ruined your phone, it goe... moreHe did not ruin his phone by upgrading it. It is what Microsoft suggested. Why are you being so rude and inconsiderate of his feelers?

  • Anonymous

No boot

  • Anonymous

This is the best phone I've ever owned! I bought it in January 2013 for $25 with a $25 credit, and I still use it for calls/texting in March 2019. I am typing this message on it right now. Windows 8.1 OS, keyboard, UI, hardware beat my 2018 Android phone (purchased on Nougat, updated to Oreo and Pie) on EVERY level. I never had to charge this for days and days, dropped it a bunch of times-- no case on it ever-- no break, no scratch (black retained it's color.) No keyboard errors. Every other word on Android types wrong. Windows OS was 100% intuitive. Anything I tried, worked. Android is clunky, less responsive and NEEDY. Always updating apps and OS with no improvements, just new problems. More ads, more spying, not intuitive, bad battery life, no longevity. My family uses iPhone and pays a fortune for phones that make everything harder and don't let you customize anything. $1,000 with garbage battery life, cracking screens-- re-skinned old phones whose battery will be dead in two years. We need Windows Phone OS back or at least some competition! Stop putting up with Android/iphone overpriced junk!

  • bole

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2018Power button not working.boot loop issues I had this boot loop issue and the solution is to let battery drain and leave it for few days. after that, put the plug in and let it charge.. in my case this solve everything

  • matthew

I cant create Microsoft account on my htc 8x and also don't get updates

  • Anonymous

Power button not working.boot loop issues

  • Ahmad

Just one year since I bought my HTC 8.1
Messenger is not working, Earphones are not working, I cant play videos, It freezes almost all the time

  • AnonD-696504

JC, 15 Aug 2017My HTC windows 8x can't connect to messenger , it cannot se... moreIt's working on Windows 8 platform. But I upgraded my Os to Windows 8.1... Now Messenger is not connect with the internet. I think, Downgrades will be work.

  • Seth

It appears the problem about Messenger and the device in question is a common one. Something has to be done!

  • AnonD-694885

One of best phones i ever had i have it since like end of 2012 and it still works same as it was before i got it audio output from 3.5mm jack is best i have ever seen with beats audio on its louder then any other phone i had . For peapols who asking why messenger doesnt work its cuz they droped support for windows 8.1 and now only windows phone 10 will support it

  • JC

My HTC windows 8x can't connect to messenger , it cannot send messages on messenger either.
pls help me.

  • giovanni

mor, 04 Jan 2017hi i cant sign in to my Microsoft account to download whats... moreMe too i have a same problem for my HTC pm23300 windows phone

  • AnonD-676484

my htc c625a is not connecting to wifi. it recognize the wifi but when the password is key in, its dispaly..
'your phone can not connct to wifi (wifi name)

pls help

  • dewale

my htc c625a can't connect to wifi. the phone recognize the wifi after key in the password it will simply display "your phone can not connect to wifi
pls assist

  • ZAG

AnonD-669726, 16 May 2017i upgraded the phone from windows 8 to windows 10 and it cr... moreYou can't do anything as YOU have ruined your phone, it goes to 8.1 max, W10 is not compatible with the hardware

  • Popcaan Jarule

i tried upgrading this phone which i bought with my last,little did i know i was gonna waste my money on some piece of shit,the phone just cant switch on again,i tried all i could but still,what can i do now..someone help..