Huawei Ascend Y511

Huawei Ascend Y511

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  • AnonD-225487

Please you wants to know advantages and disadvantages of Mobile huawei ascend y511 Is it good in the games and the Web, and how is the performance of the battery. Please reply as soon as I am afraid to buy it and I find no good

  • AnonD-211731

Ahsaan, 17 Jan 2014Can anybody tell me that which is the better phone.....Huaw... morewell if you want dual sim then y511 is ur option but if it doesn't matter then consider these points as i have used ascend y300 and gave it to my wife and bought ascend g610s my self and yesterday a family member bought y511.
looks wise ascend y511 is winner for me it looks amazing (black one) y300 is not great looking (white should never be bought black is better i have seen both)
display of ascend y511 is also bigger and i think 4.5 inch is best size for a screen 4 is too small that's why i moved to g610
camera of y300 is better at-least it takes respectable pics in day light and it have led flash which i think is brighter then my g610s y511 has no flash
available internal memory of both are same and you can install most of your required software.
gaming in y300 was not that great but temple run, minion rush, subway surfer, angry birds, jetpack joy ride and similar games run smothly and i think y511 will do the same but not sure as both have different chipset and i am not an expert on that.
i think u will find some points helpful.

  • Sugar

Hi, may i know if you can record phone conversation on this phone just like nokia phones? thanx

  • AnonD-216301

the ram is 512 MB is it enough....does it lag with Games,,,,and what about the battery ?

  • Anonymous

Ahsaan, 17 Jan 2014Can anybody tell me that which is the better phone.....Huaw... moreAscend Y511 two thumbs up!

  • Ahsaan

Can anybody tell me that which is the better phone.....Huawei ascend y300 ...or huawei ascend y511...??? completely confuse between the....please help me...

  • Anonymous

kenneth, 09 Jan 2014The camera performance may be upgrade using the app´╝Üprocapt... morecan u pls tell me how can i upgrade camera features?

  • NVE

Is it capable of call conferencing? im planning to buy this already

  • Milad

this or G510???? which one is better?plz help me

  • Raj

any one please tell me the sound quality in headfone....i want a best music sound phone.

  • lambo

Does it support video call through front cam or not

  • lambo

zizo, 02 Jan 2014available in vodafone stores , i bought one from two weeks ... moreHi zizo is it available in any vodafone branches; am from port said
Is flip cover there for it

  • Bilal

Does it really have IPS screen display?? how is the sound quality of handsfree??

  • AnonD-35468

Salman Ahmed, 14 Jan 2014Please anyone guide me about Internel Storage for Apps on Y... moreinterned speed is great, available internal storage 1.27GB , sound quality in medium

  • Hope1987

Hi,dear friends.Before start as an experience and a top expert in intelligence,I want to tell you a very iportant subject!Happily Huawei reads opinions,reviews,news,and comments even about other brands as I fell.It listens and gives what people need and want,not it wants to give with a very smart public relations!?Y511 design,feaures,performance are almost excellent,dual sim,good wifis,acceptable cameras,cpu,beauty,and other qualities is a highest mid low end phone with an affordable inexpensive(not cheap!)phones among the brands for those whom like the durable supported smartphone!As the Huawei listens and acts,I expect and request very fast upgrades in its good quality phones!Hopadfully expecting and waiting for its soon good news!For sure in 4 months this price too comes unbelievably!Also we should not forget the positive constructive roles of GSM!I hope to see the best for all!Among the brands smart Sony does the same!Google is the pioneer!I wish them the best postive contest of betterness!Thanks all!

  • Salman Ahmed

Please anyone guide me about Internel Storage for Apps on Y511 and Sound Quality

  • ak1

muchuki, 11 Jan 2014Hi Guys, i have planed to buy this phone for my sister, can... moreSar value as per specs on the Y511/phone-box:1.15w/kg.

  • Umer

Hello! Anyone can tell me which is the default browser in this phone? Android or Chrome?

  • rehan

Hello, Can any one tell me about 3g video call of this phone?

  • ak1

Amir, 13 Jan 2014Hello, Can any one tell me about camera of this phone as sp... moreThe rear 3.15mp is quite good & gave sharp results in normal room-cfl-lamplight at night..better than the 3.15mp camera on my Blackberry 9320.I bought this mobile on the positive recommendation of Omar Basem's post dated 26-12-2013.thanks to him again,it is a v good handset for the price inr 7299/-.