Huawei has patented a phone with a foldable display

Peter, 29 March 2018

Huawei has worked hard to stay at the forefront of camera innovation, but it hasnt forgotten about displays. The company has patented a foldable smartphone that opens and closes like a book.

The patent was filed with WIPO on September 19 last year and published today. The mechanism looks similar to the Microsoft Surface Book, but seems to leave a much smaller gap.

Huawei has patented a phone with a foldable display

The display a single panel, rather than two like the Axon M and should be tablet-sized when fully open. The patent doesnt address how the device will be used when its closed. There needs to be some way to check notifications something from an LED to an extra display.

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  • ECCO ireland

To the stage and written well, tyvm for that info. ECCO ireland

  • Anonymous

Finally, the death of notch display.

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...Image this folding technology combined with this concept from