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Huawei Mate 20

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  • hi

my next phone,

  • Rich watarious

Ok, the most powerful phones has arrived and we welcome it with open arms. I am very much waiting for good reviews of it on YouTube so I will know which of the will be best for me. Great phones. One of the could be phone of the year. Best cameras, great performance good design more features etc. Love it.

This will be my next upgrade from mate 9

  • Android Consultor

This or P20 Pro?

Well phone looks good but pro version might be better,
But i reccomend wait 1-2 months for Xmas Discounts.

  • Dave

No optical image stabilization kills it for me.
No thanks.

  • Anonymous

Hellow, I know that Mate 20 doesn't have the fancy 3D Face Unlock which is exclusive to the Mate 20 Pro, but does the standard Mate 20 have any form of Face Unlock at all? If it doesn't, I feel that it is a downgrade, as both regular P20 and Mate 10 (through an update) have 2D Face Unlock. Thanks

I feel the mate 10 better than mate 20 in camera and screen too
This one is fullHD mate 10 is qHD
Mate10 had 20mg mate20 had 16 the worse than in this phone is why not micro sd The new one is only for huawei the old sd for all phones

  • AnonD-632062

The STB ratio's are not at all trustworthy.

How can a phone with a notch have 88%, yet the bezel-less Vivo NEX S has only 86%?

  • Andy

Beautiful phone but...., the chip is not HiSilicon Kirin 980 (7 nm) , which is better the mate 20 or mate 20 pro, any recommendations

Beautiful phone with minimal bezels.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2018This is a much better phone than Mate 20 pro! - Norman wit... moreI totally agree with you.

  • Anonymous

This is a much better phone than Mate 20 pro!
- Norman witdth (almost 78mm) comparing to
rediculous 72mm of mate 20pro
- Normal flat screen comparing to stupid curved screen on mate 20 pro
-3.5 mm headphone jack! (No headphone jack)
-LCD DISPLAY! (LCD display is much brighter than Amoled and will not suffer from any visual effect! after 10 month of heavy use )

All amoled displays suffer from visual effects after 10 months of heavy use if you text a lot (because the keyboard image stays on the screen for a very long time ) or if you keep home screen on a lot. My galaxy note 8 had heavy visual effects after 10 month ( tones of texting ) and and screen stayed on for 5 min before being locked. IPhone XS max is adjusted to be Brigher and less saturated so it might not suffer Visual effects (great job by Apple).

Pricing of this phone is a joke. You can even get a underrated lg for less with more flagship features. Best of all no Emui.

the-stannashian, 16 Oct 2018so does the mate 20 also support 3D face recorgnition ? Nope

Bad specifications compared to the same version of the previous year because it is less resolution in the screen and the same battery and the standard of water resistance and dust and the most important update in the processor and camera

  • Carljpg

16MP main camera ...not 40?

so does the mate 20 also support 3D face recorgnition ?

was waiting for this phone more than the pro vers. for its small notch ( still a notch but not as ugly as in the pro vers.) and for the non-curved display but
starting with 4gb ram and 64 gigs storage
hd+ dsiplay ( latest year mate 10 had an IPS LCD Uhd dsiplay)
no stereo speakers
no wireless charging
congratulation huawei on messing this phone up

  • Rom