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Am using this phone since January 2019 it's working fine but lately i discovered that some photos from the gallery are gone without deleting them and not found in the recently deleted, it happened several times!!!

Also lockscreen wallpapers stopped updating weekly as usual

Anonymous , 12 Dec 2020Does this device still receive security updates & how o... moreFrom day one, I received every month of security patch. But after a year its a bit slower (old flagship already). Now on October 2020 patch, but it will get November patch on next update.

Using on EMUI 10.1 (Android 10) though.

Aus, 03 Dec 2020Have been using this phone since May 2019. Bought a S20 FE ... moreWell looks like Mate 20 handles everything pretty well even in 2020. Nice comparison.

If anyone interested about its camera capabilities, heads out to my IG profile, bunch of photos taken using Mate 20 (mostly street photography though). 😉 -

  • Anonymous

Does this device still receive security updates & how often is it?

Also whats the latest Android (any more updates), emui version out there?

Thank you

  • Anonymous

Whats the latest Android version running & is it expected to receive any major updates?

Rookie , 04 Dec 2020Is the Mate 20 have a great battery life how many hours is ... moreThe Camera is great for its time, it is not on the same level like the newest devices but still holds up pretty well. The only weakness is the night need to tweak the settings more often and take multiple shots to get great results. But if the price is right than go for it.
Not the best at anything, but good in everything.

Rookie , 04 Dec 2020Is the Mate 20 have a great battery life how many hours is ... moreWith normal use you can squeeze more than10 hours sot with auto brightness on and performance mode turned of. My wife is using the mate 20 for almost two years with 10 hours on average,web browsing, calls and messaging and occasional YouTube and gaming.
So you can expect excellent battery life even after two years of use.

  • Rookie

Is the Mate 20 have a great battery life how many hours is the screen on time is the camera takes a great image quality?

  • Anonymous

How many Hours is the Screen on time on this phone is the battery is great?

  • Aus

Have been using this phone since May 2019. Bought a S20 FE 5G and used it for five weeks, and decided to switch back to the mate 20.

1. Although S20 has a 500mah more battery, mate 20's battery lasts longer. Similar usage, maybe emui has better background management.

2. One UI is buggy, after two updates in a month. Dial page would still occasionally stay on the home page, launcher intermittently reverts back to default although it's configured as Nova. Just to name two

3. Camera performance similar, no significant differences. I'm not a big mobile photographer anyway.

4. Mate 20 has a notification led, very practical and useful

5. Charging on mate 20 is a lot more adaptable, i.e. pretty much any 10w changer can sustain 1800mah charging while S20 is picky, same chargers can only give it about 850mah.

6. A way better and more reliable fingerprint sensor, so much faster and hardly misses. S20's sensor on the other hand, is lower and often unable to recognise.

7. Speed and performance about the same. S20 has a SD865 btw

8. Signal strength is a lot more robust on mate 20. At the same spot, with the same sim. I have 2 bars on S20 while mate 20 gets 4 bars, people complain they struggle to hear when I was using S20.

9. 3.5mm Jack is handy.


Not officially water proof versus S20

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Anonymous, 03 Oct 2020Still good for a mid range phoneThis is a flagship phone,not mid range phone dummy

May be your phone has factory defect. I bought my 2nd hand phone Huawei Mate 20 one year + ago and until now it doesn't disappoint me. I love this phone in all aspects.

  • Reckit

Rodis97, 06 Oct 2020Can i use a QuickCharge charger on this phone?they don't pay for Qualicomm quickcharge chips, instead they use their own Huawei "super charge" 5v5A adaptive charging. it will accept higher Amp chargers that are not Huawei 5v5A and it will say "Quick charging" for example. you can also get the 12/24v huawei brand car charger for 5v5A charging

  • Anonymous

Pls will upgrade to Harmony OS be optional or mandatory for the mate 20.

  • Rodis97

Can i use a QuickCharge charger on this phone?

  • Anonymous

Camera not best but still good

  • Anonymous

Still good for a mid range phone

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skye, 26 Aug 2020i update my mate 20 to emui10.1.0 but sadly results i cant ... moreFactory reset erecovery after backup

My almost 2 years old Mate 20 is still performing at A level which making it hard for me to totally switch to other brand. Battery back-up, camera performance and FP accuracy are the important specs which I'm looking for for my non-Huawei replacement daily driver.

  • Mau

About a week ago got emui 10.1 and the only thing I don't love is the multi window, I liked more the old one but I think it's my best experience with a smartphone so far. Battery life it's still great