Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

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Notch, no card slot and ugly camera design? Nah...

I prefer that flat version (Mate 20) over curved screen (Pro).
That notch, really Huawei?

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2018wats the purpose for a notch please?More screen display.

  • Warrior

Looks amzaing, this will be my next phone 😍

  • Anonymous

wats the purpose for a notch please?

  • Anonymous

No 3.5mm jack, no card slot AGAIN?? We Android Truthers / Users hope this is NOT OFFICIAL specs.

  • dani

Looks good,can't wait.

  • rich watarious

The real King of camera and power is almost here. Am happy. It will be ready for the public on 16 October, that is great staff. Great phone indeed high above all in the antutu benchmarking. But I don't think is as beautiful as the Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro and the P20 and P20 pro.

  • dd

led, 25 Sep 2018Its almost all screen whats ugly about it!!Copied iPhone X design but failed to remove the chin.

  • Anonymous

led, 25 Sep 2018Its almost all screen whats ugly about it!!Umm, except, HUGE part of the actual screen is missing...

  • Claes de Vrieslaan

No, it's just ugly. Somehow this is the ugliest notch-phone i've seen.

  • Anonymous

huawei can incorporate with any DSLR CAMERA company and make a phone in that camera rather than making a phone in camera seriously such a hateful idea is executed even by the company

  • JOHN

ugly af

  • led

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2018Ugly. What where they thinking. Its almost all screen whats ugly about it!!

Looks ok but waiting to see what nokia brings with the nokia 9 which will pack 5 cameras in the back

  • Anonymous

Ugly. What where they thinking.