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Huawei Mate 40 Pro+

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NeonHD, 15 Nov 2020Have you took a look at the pill notch on the S10+? It'... moreS10 + also have 4 senzors/lens in notch?

Lone Wolf, 13 Nov 2020The Selfie camera ultra wide is great though for those who ... moreHave you took a look at the pill notch on the S10+? It's much smaller than this.

Not saying the pill notch is bad, but this is not the best pill I've seen.

  • Anonymous

Lone Wolf, 13 Nov 2020Not only ios the design inspirational but has lots of pract... moreIn China, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra exists too. What do you think about that phone? I believe the Ultra's camera is still slightly ahead, the screen is better with higher refresh rate and HDR10+, it has Google services if you configure it yourself, the only thing the Mate 40 Pro + has is a 5nm chip. (Oh yes, and 10x optical zoom too. That one is cool.)

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Anonymous, 11 Nov 2020Yes we should let the CCP spy on everyone just so consoomer... moreWhy do you care so much? An American phone definitely doesn't spy, and any device at all that comes from China is a spying device? Sounds suspiciously like racism.

And yes, I personally take offense from your statement. It hurts the feelings of many people. Beware of what you say.

Android Developer, 13 Nov 2020As a developer i'll not bound other peoples to not pur... morewhat apps have you programmed so far?

  • Android Developer

As a developer i'll not bound other peoples to not purchase it due to GMS, HMS is rapidly providing all the alternative of GMS, and i'm integrating these into one of my App as client insist to upload application on AppGallery, so if ban doesn't lift then chances are that Huawei will stands on their own feet. Btw let's see what's happen on next.

  • Lone Wolf

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020Ugliest design ever made by Huawei and I’m wondering how’s ... moreNot only ios the design inspirational but has lots of practical function to it. For one you're hand won't cover the camera when holding it or finger print it up when gaming. It's also centered the caamera's, and can actually balance well when you set it down intead of rocking around like previous phone designs. To tell the truth though I am eyeing the RS Porsche design. It's actually quite affordable here in China

  • Lone Wolf

NeonHD, 31 Oct 2020That pill notch is just way too big, I personally would be ... moreThe Selfie camera ultra wide is great though for those who want to vlog, and worth the added space. Besides, just look at Iphone's which is like 3 times the size.

  • Lone Wolf

Tuhin Khan, 02 Nov 2020This is a over price phone If google services be inclined t... moreIf you buy in China it is like 40% cheaper. So I am excited to buy this at it's price here

  • htcyan

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2020P30 pro or Nokia 8.3I prefer the P30 Pro

  • Wener

But at the end of the day you would probably rather have a Snapdragon 875 without 5G in the Huawei P50 Pro (if Qualcomm will offer something like that) than no chip at all. Huawei and Qualcomm have not yet commented on this news.

Not supported google play store.
Not supported 5G.

Snapdragon 875 clock speed 3. 29 Ghz.

Kirin 9000 clock speed 3.13 Ghz.

Exynos 2100 clock speed 3.34 Ghz.

Dual operating systems as at smartphone :
1). Android - 13.
2). Harmony - 3.

Huawei own speed charge 200 watts. 2021.

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Joe064770, 09 Nov 2020Biden, please restore Huawei's privelage to be able to... moreYes we should let the CCP spy on everyone just so consoomers can get their fones.

  • Anonymous

P30 pro or Nokia 8.3

  • yronk

where is the mate 40 x?

Biden, please restore Huawei's privelage to be able to work with US companies. At least enable them access to Google Play. Huawei has been keeping the industry on their feet with innovation, such a waste what happened to them due to politics.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully Biden's choice will be good for the world as well as for Huawei

limecheesecake, 30 Oct 20206000 mAh?? The phone would have to be 10mm thick and have a... moreActually I think every flagship in 2020 should have 500mah battery, I've seen a lot of reports that say mate has battery durability similar to Note20 which is not great for phones of this price range and quality, for average user it can last a day, but for advanced and more demanding users hardly... Next year we'll have bigger batteries on all flagships due to high refresh rate on all.

AnonD-804996, 07 Nov 2020It just might happen now that Biden has been elected. But i... moreYes, I know it wont be within a few weeks after his inauguration, it may be for a couple of months before he does or not at all, but if there's one thing the US elections brought is, Huawei may be more likely to have its ban remove than with Trump if he had won. I mean, Biden may not remove it really, but its a better of bet and chance that it more so possible with Biden than with Trump. This phone for all its great hardware, camera and EMUI features is lovely, but the lack of GMS is really a bummer, the GMS hack/workaround out there isn't just stable yet, so having GMS on this phone in the coming months would make it one of the best if not the best android phones out there for me.

AlexP, 25 Oct 2020If It would be Sony with 230g you will tell us it's a ... moreI asked you a question, Alex. Back in October. That you've yet to answer.

Alhamza1999, 06 Nov 2020Such an excellent hardware but it's very sad there is ... moreGrab your popcorn Bro from next January there would be world free markets because the Bully in White House must have gone for good. Also, Huawei may have a better offer of Harmony OS