Huawei MatePad T8

Huawei MatePad T8

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  • Ph user

Why it cant connect to fiber wifi?

I tried it out and it works perfectly even without google services. The price of 100E just fits perfectly for the tab. The thing about tablet i like is his battery. This is prefect for young kids.

  • Anonymous

Mohsin, 08 May 2020No google play store, so trouble to download apps It seems that GMS are not available on this set and needs some hands-on experience to install them on

  • Preorder

The back camera sticks out a bit too much.

  • Aric

cannot download play store n many times cannot plavideo smoothly. always hang although internet is strong access. why ? Please clarified.

  • Lex

1) there is no play store may be difficult to install applications from Google and there are also applications that sometimes can not run. but Huawei has outsmarted it with its own app store in Mate Series and P Series.
2) Mediatek MT8768 chipset on Huawei Mediapat T8 isn't too bad, with a price of only 100 euros,

MD FOYSAL HASAN, 08 May 2020whats the chipset? Mediatek MT8768

Why not kirin 710??

whats the chipset?

  • Anonymous

Two years later this would be the normal phone size

Snakehead657, 07 May 2020This is the same as the fire hd 8, same basic stats but dou... moreThis has an octocore cpu vs the quad core on the fire hd8, and 2gb ram versus the 1 5gb on the fire, newer android OS, bigger battery too

  • Anonymous

What's the use of this crap if I can't use native YouTube application on it?

  • Mohsin

No google play store, so trouble to download apps

  • Snakehead657

This is the same as the fire hd 8, same basic stats but double the price.

  • Anonymous

i hope it will be lunched in tunisia
little price for big screen