Huawei MediaPad M5 10 (Pro)

Huawei MediaPad M5 10 (Pro)

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  • Anonymous

Does Huawei M5 pro tablet supports OTG?

I am trying to connect USB thru C Port extension.

Please advise.

  • imnameless07

I want a tablet that are great for movies and plays PUBG smoothly.

The only strongest android tablets I can find are Huawei Mediapad M5 and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. both came out this year but with last year's chipset, same battery(huawei is a bit bigger), same 4gb of ram, same screen resolution(i dont really mind the amoled), same camera resolution and both have 4 speakers.
I don't like Apple because of the iOS. I don't wan't to go to trouble when transfering files from my laptop. It's easier with android.

So what would be a better deal for movies, music and games? save some money and get the Huawei Mediapad M5 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 would be worth it?

  • dengusoft

Things like these make ppl miss a Sony tablet. rem the Z4 tablet...twaz all round better than this.

  • JD

Is the speakers made by harman/kardon?

fatty, 22 Jun 2018does this makes phone calls?I think it can because it use Nano-sim card, but it doesn't have 3.5mm ports so you will rely on wireless connections. The taller 16:10 screen ratio is weird, since a 10 inch tablet have more space for display so no need to use taller screen ratio, this will affect the media contains either have black bar on the screen when playing YouTube videos or will crop the screen contain, it isn't a great idea and difficult to find the tablet bag due to the taller size up.

  • Omid46

Lack of audio Jack.Bluetooth 5.1 +its auxiliaries,radio + rds,USB 3.1 +otG decreases qualities !? Hopefully gsmArena write a review for it though people expect much more from Huawei....Thanks mentioned names.

  • fatty

does this makes phone calls?

  • baha men

No headphone jack? Why? Didn't it fit in a freaking tablet? Love Huawei, but stuff like this...

  • dofipo

it´s an amazing Tablet. I just don´t like the emui. It only costs 380 Euro. Octacore is perfect and the sound of the 4 Stereos are very usable

  • Bahman

Pakalini, 07 Mar 2018Want my opinion? No headphone jack? GTFO.The cost is too expensive for hwaui devices. If i spend such money,why i do not shift to ipad? 😜 .

Is this premium device or just midrange

  • Lacek

abdullah, 04 May 2018super slow chagrining unless you use the original charger, ... moreBuy compatible charger for $5 on AE or GB or BG... it's not big deal

  • abdullah

super slow chagrining unless you use the original charger, it support fast charging with original charger only, if you use other fast charger you will get very slow charging and you need full day to charge

  • lordofshadows17

what about the 128gb model?? isn't available for sale? because all I see is 64gb only.

  • Dara

Huawei delays for long or maybe cancelled due to the release of cheap iPad.

  • AnonD-744321

FINALLY an android flagship tablet :')
all tho nit a total flagship chipset :P
go for a chrome pad

  • Jani

Both Led flash?.
Not, no are.

  • AnonD-747511

need not to know, 11 Mar 2018no audio jack,got bluetooth,not a problem. who give a ne... moreWell said my friend.
It's about time to cut the cord.
With Bluetooth, I can have the tablet charging at while I'm listening to music unhindered by a cord.

  • AnonD-746957

Hopefully Huawei don't get greedy and make it expensive, 2018 device and still uses usb 2.0 !!

  • Chris

Hope they make it a lot cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 or may as well just go buy the samsung...Headphone jack, proper usb type c 3.1 and the spen with 4096 levels of pressure..