Huawei MediaPad M5 8

Huawei MediaPad M5 8

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  • AnonD-50511

some of the downloaded apps cannot open for Huawei device

  • AnonD-744669

Vasra, 11 Mar 2018No 3.5mm jack on a media tablet?!?! Does Huawei think that... moreFully agree.

Can you make phone calls with mediapad m5?is actually an earpiece on the device or you have to use abluetooth speaker?

  • Not again

I have huawei mediapad m3, and It doesn't receive any update in Iran. I will never buy any huawei devices anymore. shame on huawei with its weak support. (dislike)

  • Anonymous

This would have been my next purchase for a large tablet but NO headphone jack !! Forget it.

  • Vasra

No 3.5mm jack on a media tablet?!?!
Does Huawei think that I will use their crummy $5USD buds to listen to movies?
My headphones cost twice more than the whole mediapad and it's 3.5mm exclusively.
Another brain-dead stupid decision by Huawei. The same reason I Skipped Mate 10 Pro - no 3.5mm jack (and no sdcard on that either).
Just stupid beyond belief, esp. when it is NOT a space-saving issue. There's plent of space on a tablet for even two 3.5mm jacks AND a USB-C.
What does Huawei think we should do on 12hour flights when we need to recharge AND listen at the same time?
Stupd, stupid, stupid.

  • Anonymous

I have 8.4 M3 and love it
But no 3.5mm jack on M5 ?????? and mate 10 pro wtf
I was really happy to se a nice 10" tablet but useless without 3.5mm
Huawai was my favorite "brand"
But now they are just a random china brand with no mini jack :(

You will loose some audio quality with usb-c adapter

So now the have the best useless products on the market, mate 10 pro, M5 8.4 M5 10

  • Anonymous

jt27, 05 Mar 2018Yes there is no 3.5mm headphone jack, but it does come with... morethere is no camera see video link of unboxing

  • AnonD-742822

Does this have NFC?

  • jt27

Yes there is no 3.5mm headphone jack, but it does come with a small usb-C adapter to still use wired headphones. So not ideal but not the end of the world. But my person opinion is its 2018 and if you're not using a pair of wireless headphones yet then you're the one with the problems. Soon all devices will follow and you will fall behind.

Here it says the primary camera has a flash? If true, then that is a big bonus for someone like me who uses these small tablets as their everyday smartphone.

  • AnonD-741308

I have an M3 8.4 that I love. I use it a lot on planes and enjoy the comfort and choice of headphones that I can plug in. I will not buy an updated device that has no headphone jack as it is an essential on ultra long haul flights from Australia to anywhere. I simply do not understand the deletion of the headphone jack on tablets. Even where you have kids using these devices in the car you want them to plug in headphones - and you simply dont have bluetooth headphones lying around, charged and ready to go for this purpose.

  • Vitech

It would be more meaningful if devices without a 3.5mm jack would come with some kind of wireless in ear headphones.

Why no headphone jack 3.5 mm ? Maybe there is a Jack in Huawei who hijack the headphone jack materials and sell them, leading to making no headphone jack MediaPad M5 8.

  • s.p.

no 3.5 jack = no buy.
respect your customers!