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Huawei P20 Pro

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  • Kenis

The best phone since 2018.. No issues

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone as a used phone 1.5 years ago, still very good and snappy, not thinking of replacing it in the short term.
Although it's my first Huawei phone, but it changed my look to Huawei, Huawei is making excellent phones in the flagship level.

  • chardy

give me a best signal apps for huawei p20 pro

  • Anonymous

I loved the phone, sadly it got stolen yesterday. i don't know if its possible to retrieve it.

  • dan

it was a good phone until the motherboard passed away. Don't buy huawei, is a piece of s..t

  • LoC

I got my near-mint condition 2nd hand P20 Pro 3 days ago and I'm now thinking about getting a Samsung S9+. Not exactly where I thought I'd be when I brought it but let me explain why I'm so dissatisfied.

- GPS: I need GPS for driving and so intentionally brought a phone with Galileo support (this brings greater GPS resolution). But it seems GPS functionality has been severely compromised by the latest EMUI software update (EMUI 10). My phone regularly places me about 100ft from where I actually am and never seems to quite get a stable lock. Understandably there are lots of complaints on the Internet about this and Huawei's response has been to either get a new motherboard or buy a newer model. Not cool.

- Privacy: Lots of uninstallable bloatware and they seem to absolutely love your personal information. In theory this doesn't go to China as the data controller is in the EU (Ireland) except that after signing up for an account Huawei's Chinese site seems to know all about you.

- EMUI desktop software: It doesn't work! Looks like they have stopped supporting older models.

- Locked Bootloader: One of the main reasons I brought this was so that I could get rid of the inevitable bloat and install LinageOS. Lots of sites say you can get the needed unlock code from Huawei but they apparently removed this feature not long after launch, presumably because people were removing the spyware and not signing up for a Huawei account.

It's otherwise a nice phone, quick, fairly ergonomic, great screen, excellent fingerprint reader and quite attractive. Just a shame about the above. :-(

  • Anonymous

Great phone. Bought it used, prev user bought it for 2nd phone and end up sitting collecting dust. Been using it for 2 years, tons of apps, pictures and vids and still smooth as butter. got the 128GB 6GB of ram, black color, currently on Android 10. Still using it until now (2021). Best thing about this phone? The stereo speaker. Great quality sound. Thinking of upgrading to P30 Pro, but the speaker is only mono. How I wish the newer Huawei phone have GMS on it.

  • Cope

ALESI, 28 Dec 2020Still updates, still on android, still under licence. Newer... moreHuawei P40 models in fact have android... they just don't have GMS, but there is apkpure which is like play store with extra steps so not much difference if you have the slightest idea on how android works

  • Backto20

Couldnt believe i just ditched my 2months P40pro+
& went back to this phone & wrote this comment.

No google service, so much time wasted.
Also those manual updates, ugh.. & PETAL is crap.
Hope you learn from this.

  • HuaweiFan

Hello guys what is a great price for P20 Pro in late 2020/2021?
Do you think that a 120€ is a good price?


Danica112012, 13 Dec 2020Hi everyone! I need your advice. Thinking about getting a P... moreStill updates, still on android, still under licence. Newer models don't have android.

  • BILLAL45

P20 Prp is wireless charging available or ot??

Danica112012, 13 Dec 2020Hi everyone! I need your advice. Thinking about getting a P... moreMaybe a couple security patches but that's it.
But if you can find it for a reasonable price thus phone still rocks.
I have two friends usind a p20 pro since the release and they are skipping a new contract because the phone is still rock solid. Exelent battery life, exelent camera.

  • Danica112012

Hi everyone! I need your advice. Thinking about getting a P20 pro, but I'm worried about the updates and the apps, since they are not using the android software anymore. I would buy an older phone, already used so I would like to know will it work now, will I have all the updates?

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020But I was talking to an agent from Huawei this morning........ moreClearly the guy you have spoken with is not a huawei engineer. Just read the specs bro.

  • Anonymous

Berserker, 05 Dec 2020Cmon man, how hard it is to simply read the specs of the de... moreBut I was talking to an agent from Huawei this morning......

Said the phone automatically identify the scene...... Of the ultra wide lens

Ayanda , 01 Dec 2020Hi everyone do anyone know how to use the ultra wide lens o... moreCmon man, how hard it is to simply read the specs of the device, the p20 pro does not have ultra wide camera.
The third camera is a monochrome sensor.

  • Ayanda

AlexLV86, 30 Nov 2020Got update (C432E5R1P3). Some info? Hi everyone do anyone know how to use the ultra wide lens on a P20 pro

Someone said I should point the camera at buildings... But there are no buildings where I live....

  • Anonymous

storemandan uk, 19 Jul 2020I've contacted Huawei about future security updates fo... moreLol, what's going to happen, out in the open, in public? Jeez, all these "security" updates do almost nothing. Use your phone and enjoy it. Been using phones since 2007 without ever any issues security-wise.

  • AlexLV86

Got update (C432E5R1P3). Some info?