Huawei P30 lite

Huawei P30 lite

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  • Mihaela

Real good battery life. Great camera, lot of memory space, nice design plus reasonable price I def. recommend it!

  • sayabosanhidup

d p30 lite is nice n there was once when the fast charging is not
working n later on i found that there was water in d charger port
but it is advanced as it prevented electrocution from happening

although there is no telephoto camera but one of the camera can
zoom of up to 6x n find it quite clear n sharp after pressing focus

  • Chris

The phone has a slight lag to everything you do on it. The screen is not visible at all in sunny conditions, it is very easy to scratch, even in light use as I am using it. The OS is not intuitive in my opinion. In short 'on paper' specs are good, but in real time use this is a pretty bad phone. Makes me uncomfortable every time I use it.

Alban Hoxha , 27 Dec 2019Is it worth buying the Huawein P30 Lite?Of course, this is a very high quality mid range device. It has got great features and the price is reasonable.

  • majabeat

Nik, 22 Apr 2020Can you tell me why my p30 lite is laging and baging on int... morewell it may be the ping rate of your provider man. do a speed test, try Ookla, and you can know your internet speed and ping rate. higher ping rate means more sluggish internet

  • Mijo

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020New edition of P30 lite, or nova 5t? Does it have a decentl... moreNova 5t is simply better phone, middle range priced although he has high end performances, that is something i am personally looking in a phone. So yeah my recommendation is Nova 5T.

  • Nik

Can you tell me why my p30 lite is laging and baging on internet. Thank you

  • Anonymous

New edition of P30 lite, or nova 5t? Does it have a decently color accurate screen?

  • Anonymous

Galaxy M30s or P30 Lite

  • Mijo

Werner, 13 Mar 2020Hi guys. I have to choose between P30 lite and Samsung A30s... moreP30 lite is just better in all of the aspects, simply a better phone for that price. It is in my opinion best phone in the entire price range, along with the best camera.

  • Mijo

Areena, 02 Apr 2020Hi , I want to buy Huawei P30 lite. Can anybody suggest tha... moreThere are no restrictions from google if you are buying P30 lite, it has google services and aplications preinstaled on the phone

  • Sukmana

After upgraded UI 10 (Indonesia). Sometimes some applications forced stop automatically and must be rebooted to get normal. Suddenly reboot and stuck on Huawei boot logo and usually reboot automatically. Really dissatisfaction and disappointed. Hopefully new patch will resolve these issues

  • Igor

Do you know if this phone support to connect external camera?

  • Abbe

It's quite cheap so shouldn't expect too much I guess. But in general I'm disappointed.
Compared to Huawei Honor 8 i bought for the same price over 3 years ago it is worse.
The UI is very laggy, which I find very strange on such a new phone. This is something I would expect from a phone 5+ years ago.
The build quality also feels a bit cheap, the screen sticks out from the frame a bit. It is not smooth.

High quality phone with great camera and beautiful design. It comes in phenomenal color variants, and for me, peacock blue is the best.

P 30 lite is simply best buy model, everything I like about phones I have it with P 30 lite, fantastic camera, long life battery, a lot of memory space, perfect design, I think this is the best model you can buy for reasonable price, I recommend it!

  • sayabosanhidup

made a wifi phone call by using whatsapp for as long
as 3hours n it only consumed a mere 12% battery life

can anybody please tell me what is d
maximum zoom range for this phone


  • sayabosanhidup

the battery life of this phone is real good
made a 3 hour wa call n it used 12% batt

Shahid , 09 Apr 2020I have p30 lite since 10 month in ksa and last update in my... moreit's on the list for update just need patiance
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  • Shahid

I have p30 lite since 10 month in ksa and last update in my phone oct 2019, still phone is working on emui 9.1 I'm waiting for emui 10 but I cannot find it. Anybody help me for information about schedule for this