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Huawei P30 Pro

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  • Andreia

Huawei p30 pro have color led notification??

  • Anonymous

Does it support 5G networks?

Today I saw the P30 pro in a few phone shops in my country, it was really excellent. I tested out the zoom feature on the phone and it was really excellent 👍
It can zoom up to 50 times and the quality is really good up to 10 times. I used it to look at the billboard of faraway shops and I never seen anything like it before. Huawei never fails to impress me!

Jdjjsjajs, 30 Mar 2019Huawei should have worked on the following in the P30 pro: ... moreagreed. but i would say the camera layout is already fine. why change? having that kind of arrangement in a P10 style layout would make it rather disgusting for my liking. design is subjective anyways.
was also expecting something big in the software and UI but anyways, at least its software related and can be improved in the days to come.

  • Jdjjsjajs

Huawei should have worked on the following in the P30 pro:

- Proper dual speakers like the Mate 20X
- Video recording should have been best of the best and not just an improvement over mate 20.
- The rear camera layout should have followed the P9, P10 series style which was unique rather than the continue iPhone x style arrangement of the p20 pro.
- Proper new default UI theme to make the interface refreshing and not just come out with a change in background wallpaper. Appreciate the under the hood changes in EMUI but first impressions comes with the looks.

roy10, 30 Mar 2019I don't own the phone. My conclusion after watching numerou... moreanother great pearl of wisdom from Samsung forget "better overall" line :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2019Dont really understand Huawei line-up. Which one is the fla... moreJust like samsung which one is flagship note or s
And xiaomi with mi and mi mix
Lg with G and V

I don't own the phone. My conclusion after watching numerous review videos comparing the p30 pro and s10 is. The camera of the P30 pro has the best low light video recording and the best zoom today, it also has better night time stills with plenty of detail when compared to Samsung s10, However, it fails in day light photos as it has some kind of a filter and the photos don't look real samsung has more accurate put punchier colours.
The S10 has better selfie camera, better still photos, better selfie video better day time video and better wide angle camera
S10 also seems to have the better screen(margina), it also has the better loudspeaker with dual speakers.
p30 pro has the better battery( marginal) and suffers from a gimmicky acoustic earpiece.
for use cases, if you love gaming samsung is your phone with a better cpu/you performance
for watching videos and movies samsung is still better with dynamic smoked but p30 pro is good as well.
for listening to music samsung is still ahead with 3.5 audio jack Bluetooth 5.0 Dolby atmos and dual speakers.
for everyday tasks SOCIAL media and the like samsung is marginally better with one ui light years ahead of anything on the market apart from iOS which is still the best. one ui is aesthetically pleasing(except icons) and has more useful features which will become android staples in the future. but p30 pro is still a good phone for everyday use many of the use cases the s10 excells in, the p30 pro does an excellent job to the cpu can handle any game and task, the screen is very good for watching movies and finally the single speaker is full sounding.
that's my conclusion; both phones are good if you prefer night time photos and videos as well as zooming in choose the p30 pro
for everything else frankly the s10 is still the king.

Shui8, 30 Mar 2019Faster than S10+ in real life - moreSamsung camera is bad in real life i make test on my art and i see the mate 10 show details on my arts more than s10 and other problem seen in most samsung mobiles the green coloers in the dark When u record a video

Vahid.k, 30 Mar 2019dear friend we called mate 10 with this name: best phon... moreMate 10 gives huawei more money than any mate and he Still had update Today ur Maybe you u should go with plastic toy phone called pocophone F1

Mate 10 had qHD screen and its 2017 mobile

appleuser, 30 Mar 2019is this a samsung phone? btw is this a phone with a bunch ... moreFaster than S10+ in real life -

Better camera overall -

Better battery overall -

Now i dont know which one is the joke. Looks like the jokes on you.

  • appleuser

is this a samsung phone?
btw is this a phone with a bunch of gimick's?a camera that is good for instagram not for real life or album memories. a joke zoom?

EVIL CRASH BANDICOOT, 29 Mar 2019Mate 10 had qHD screen and its 2017 mobile dear friend
we called mate 10 with this name:
best phone with screen off.
mate 10 is of awfully product of huawei.
look at to popularity.
screen of that in sunshine our any room with mich lighting look like off.

  • Anonymous

It seems new phone can't be small, don't you?

SpiritWolf, 29 Mar 2019Lately there are a lot of people here who are trying to pro... moreHow the shit you can say after 1.5 days of using that it has less bugs than samsung or other brand? Are u an inside ingineer from Huawei who tested before us and you know already? And by the way Huawei in the presentation said that they took 97 points on selfie, look on dxomark one of the worst selfie cameras the 4th of 5th with that 200000 mp camera. So yes you may sit down now and shut up D-

  • Anonymous

big and bigger dimenssion

SpiritWolf, 29 Mar 2019First impressions after 1 day use. Screen is a lot better ... moreGood for u man, finally u switch to Huawei, enjoy the phone! Oh yes, if u played around on Dolby Atmos in sound settings, change to 'music' and then select 'open', sound quality definitely improve, both in speaker & earphone. U can customized it as u like as well.

Hopefully u can share some of your pictures taken? Got IG? Flickr? I change phone every 2 using Mate 20....means that i had to wait for next Mate 40 lol

SpiritWolf, 30 Mar 2019Well, XZ3 stereo speakers i probably going to miss for a wh... moreNot worried about the dongle connection as got a portable amplifier which does the job right :)

Lev8891, 30 Mar 2019Yo, where did you buy the phone from? I need to have this p... moreAs estonian, from Tele2 EE. :)