Huawei P40 4G

Huawei P40 4G

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No 3.5mm jack, no Google Play Services, no buy.

    • B
    • Brook
    • PYM
    • 26 Feb 2021

    Nova 7 SE Lohas Edition, Kirin 820E 6 Core ...

      • V
      • Valkov
      • 0mV
      • 26 Feb 2021

      Model number says it all. :) Not a bad phone at all, but whitout GMS is...

        This is a perfectly sized phone I would say

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • 3AX
          • 26 Feb 2021

          No google play services, no audio jack, small battery, i'm not crazy to buy it.

            • T
            • Tech Anonymous
            • uZa
            • 26 Feb 2021

            Without Play Services!!!
            The OS will be like Android 2.3.6

              • K
              • Kev
              • 0Za
              • 26 Feb 2021

              Hold up, this phone is making me crack up.

              Huawei, theoretically, could ask Qualcomm to make the chip for them, and sell it to them, since Qualcomm is allowed to sell 4G chips to Huawei.

              Well Played Huawei. I'll be waiting for a P40 Pro 4G