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Android as such can be installed by any smartphone manufacturer on its devices without the need for authorization from Google,but the Google Services belong to Google,Indeed, within Google Services, we will find the Google Play Store with its applications available to users, YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos,etc Google Maps,etc...
To get these Google Services, manufacturers need to get a license from Google and adhere to a lot of specific rules.
It is strange to ask who "owns" an open source project, since by its nature it is meant to have no owners, but rather contributors, hosts, and maintainers. Nobody owns Android. Google is the largest contributor, but it chooses to give away all of its contributions (not to be confused with Google proprietary applications which are available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, etc.). So the answer is that everybody and nobody owns Android.

Ivan-cro, 21 Apr 2020this year is the same, best photo smartphone by Tipa world award... moreWell they also won first no google seduced company. Haha.
Its like when we remove IOS from Apple phones.

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Open-Source Android, 15 Apr 2020Android OS is an open-source project which belongs to the whole ... moreOf course Google owns Android it's their software

CptPower, 21 Apr 2020Well in past years Huawei always won awards for best camera phones. this year is the same, best photo smartphone by Tipa world awards 2020.

Mislav Zrno, 20 Apr 2020Agreed. There is no "perfect phone", every phone has its flaw. B... moreWell in past years Huawei always won awards for best camera phones.

CptPower, 08 Apr 2020Nubia red magic is way better in some aspects but this would and... moreAgreed. There is no "perfect phone", every phone has its flaw. But it all comes down to what do you want and what do you need. Camera is the most popular part of the phone for most of the people and huawei did a rly awesome job to cover that part more than anyone else.

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Thank you for this useful information! For now I will use external battery because I do not have regular charger and I find it difficult to purchase one online here in Bulgaria!

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2020Does anyone knows if supercharger effect battery health and shou... more it's better to charge with a regular charger and use a fast charger as needed, because higher current produces more heat, and heat reduces battery life, here's more how to
prolong the life of your battery pack, keep these tips in mind for proper lithium-ion or
Li-Po battery care.The lifespan of your battery should last between 150-300 charge and discharge cycles,(depending on the manufacturer,can be longer ) which usually amounts to 2 years.In short, if I want my battery to last longer, I should not charge it above 85%, and not let it discharge below 25% battery level. At this range, you receive the best balance of depth of discharge and runtime. If you stay in this zone, you can maximize your battery use and retain that healthy battery life for a much longer time.Li-ion and Li-Po batteries are designed to perform its best between 30 percent and 80 percent capacity so, once the battery hits lower than 30, feel free to charge your smartphone already. Likewise, once the charge hits 80 percent, you really don't need to wait for your phone to reach 100 percent anymore. (you can check this in battery- power consumption details- battery usage- and you will see how this cycle does not count here.)so it will not ruin the cycles.Think of you battery as the human body throughout the day. You don't really need to wait like you're about to die to take some rest and recharge yourself and you also don't need a perfect eight or nine hour sleep to be able to function at full capacity, but you have not done so much damage by charging up to 100% just do not leave it on the charger when it reaches 100% it's worse when it's completely empty and what most threatens the battery life is the HEAT!

something you messed up,here is Huawei P40 pro, not P30,
in addition i suggest you to visit DXOMARK camera review

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Does anyone knows if supercharger effect battery health and should I charge the phone wit a regular cable in order to achieve long-term battery usage!

  • N8/808/L950XL/P30Pro

I forgot about display. I is first display that have scratches in mobile device I ever had since 1995?, 1997? I don't remember. I never used any screen protector, special covers, or cases in N97, N8, N808, Lumia 950XL ,iPhone? I never opened iPhone i received as gift. Im apple user since 1988? So I know their weaknesses. Right now I'm trying to restore iPad Pro. Drama. P30Pro 256 would be finished 10times during same time

  • N8/808/L950XL/P30Pro

P30PRO is the best phone I've ever had but the worst camera I've ever got. too much sharpening, smoothing, no memory of your own settings. delayed shutter release. taking a picture of a child in a jump is a miracle. In the position you want! Nokia 808 after a year of inactivity, I turn on, the camera has -0.3EV, which I set, all settings and does what it wants despite its limitations, such as lack of exposure time control. but everything can be mastered, even sports photography. perfectly selected image parameters. 8mpx files are more natural and detailed than with the full P30Pro resolution. if you want to take good pictures, you need to do RAW and spend some time processing. Forget about sport, so the shutter is slow. In Lumia 950XL you can do Rawy in series up to 20? frames ... Ah and a lot of vignetting in rawa. Video? the same, too much edge sharpening, embellishing, smoothing. The Pro option is a joke.
I make movies in a program from the Snopp gimbal. Lower bitrate and better quality, even than Filmic Pro, which I bought and returned.
There is no simple function called in Nokia Hyperfocal which gives a sharp image from 0.5 meters to infinity. Very useful for quick photos. P30Pro is very inaccurate. That's all? no. But other than that I love this phone. All day, on two sim cards with data and GPS plus photo and video enabled. Cool. But I take the Lumie950XL with me because it's faster and gives better pictures of Raw. JPG is also tragic. Here Nokia808 was 10 years ahead of the world. there is still no competition. THERE IS NO,

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2020So many comments about GMS. I am not aware of any recent Android... moreI agree, I know that we are all used on haveing GMS already installed on your phone with purchase, but as you said just because it is not installed doesn't mean that we cant use Google apps on this phone, this phone is absolutely great and its performances are stunning so there is no reason why anybody wouldn't buy this phone because of GMS issue

Mislav Zrno, 16 Apr 2020Well its true haha. I mean apart from shape and color u have one... more
they know where to hit

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Two among the most popular topics related to P40Pro in various f... moreWell its true haha. I mean apart from shape and color u have one of the best cameras in the world. People are using camera more often now and want to have better pitcures. Camera is too good on P40 Pro and thats also one of the many reasons why phone will sell good.

  • RAM

I bought P40 Pro, it's getting overheat when we use camera for more than 30 min or when we do any video chat for 30 min, camera portion gets overheating. Even golden snap, cinematic pics, remove reflection options are not coming in the camera editing option. So very much disappointed. I return it to the company for fixing it or replacement.

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Two among the most popular topics related to P40Pro in various forums are:
(1) Which color do you prefer? (The most popular one is silver which requires a week's wait.)
(2) Do you like Quad-Curved or 2-Side Curved (curved like P40Pro or curved like Mate30Pro)?

When you see topics like these, you know it will sell well.

  • Open-Source Android

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020GMS it’s not apart of android OS then how your phone runs Andro... moreAndroid OS is an open-source project which belongs to the whole community involved in this project. Google doesn't own Android OS. Google is the care-taker of this open source project, and responsible for putting inputs from all parties together and integrate them into the final synthesis. The stable version of this final synthesis (Open-Source-Android) is then put into a deposit where every party in this community can use. A smartphone-maker Z can integrate its own add-ons with this Open-Source-Android, and put the final result (Android Z) on its smartphone for sale. Many Tier-3 and Tier-4 phone-makers have been doing this for years because they don't want to pay Google for the right to preinstall GMS. (Samsung pays Google billions of dollars for the right to preinstall GMS.) More than 40% Android smartphones sold legally in the world are free from GMS, including many India-based phone-makers. They are low-profile and lower-priced phones most people are not aware of.

GMS is an add-on, essential to Google apps, but not essential to Android OS. GMS comes with some open-source libraries. Many apps are compiled against these libraries, leaving the impressions that those apps are dependent on GMS, which is false. The phone-maker P can start its own ZMS (Z Mobile Service) with those open-source libraries, and asks those developers to re-compile their apps against the libraries included in ZMS, then those apps can run just as effectively on Android Z. ZMS can be developed completely independently, and ...

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Anonymous, 11 Apr 2020So many comments about GMS. I am not aware of any recent Android... moreGMS it’s not apart of android OS then how your phone runs Android OS that own by google?!!.

no 3,5mm jack, no stereospeakers = no buy