Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro

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  • thechosenone

5viki, 21 Jun 2020There is a youtube client called Youtube Vanced. Haven't tr... moreYou can use youtube vanced on your android device with google services too.

  • Shonelug

., 20 Jul 2020Source on better scratch resistance?I personally had a p30 pro a year ago and had no screen protection. The phone did not have the slightest scratch, while other devices with gorilla glass were destroyed by scratches.

  • .

Shonelug , 18 Jul 2020No gorilla glass, it's a Aluminosilicate glass like on... moreSource on better scratch resistance?

  • best

i love huawei´╝îits so good

  • hi


  • Shonelug

Yero, 17 Jul 2020Does it have gorilla glass protection ?No gorilla glass, it's a Aluminosilicate glass like on a p30 Pro. And this glass is much, much better of gorilla,and 100% better scratch resistance.

Does it have gorilla glass protection ?

  • Mick T

Absolute stunner in silver frost. Seriously quick, great camera, battery lasting 36 hours plus. No problem without Google for me and no temptation to try and get it. I'll wait add if it doesn't arrive, no problem. Could've such with Samsung but chose this and really happy.

  • Hannah

Gigantor, 12 Jul 2020Love mine, using it for 2 weeks, managed to get about 80% o... moreIs your phone yellow screen? Please answer me

  • Ummar7562

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2020Go to dxomark and check againI did

  • Ummar7562

ianik, 07 Jul 2020go in a shop, grap the phone, open the camera, take a pic. ... moreIn our country it's just impossible to find Huawei flagships, there is not even official Huawei store

  • Taro

This phone make me go another planet..

  • Anonymous

Ummar7562, 06 Jul 2020Why everyone says different about cameras?? Someone says it... moreGo to dxomark and check again

  • Ajrego

P40 Pro wow its my dream phone! but guys who ever talking about Huawei quality i will stand up. Yes!! i brought my P10 in 2017 and still it is awesome and like fast and furious.

Really enjoying my p40pro an amazimg phone

  • Gigantor

Love mine, using it for 2 weeks, managed to get about 80% of apps that i generally use, camera is just amazing as well as the battery life

Smartie, 08 Jul 2020As far as I see, Huawei in Europe isn't even trying to... moreWhat a stoopid comment. Have you even used the Huawei App Gallery? It does have ratings and reviews.

  • Smartie

As far as I see, Huawei in Europe isn't even trying to get the P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus into the hands of media, the media industry, content creators, and so on. On paper, the P40 Pro Plus looked great for my work usage, but I can't drop all that money on a smartphone that doesn't work because my apps won't sideload or load natively. It's customary for most manufacturers to give industry people samples to try out with the idea it could lead to a bunch of sales. Huawei said they don't have enough available units, meanwhile, there are barely any Euro testers with them, most have panned the P40 Pro due to no android and the fact that sideloading doesn't work as dubious people keep trying to claim.

So I'm just going to go with Sony and forget about Huawei like everyone else. It also looks like Huawei has forgotten about Huawei.

Also their App Gallery is garbage. Nothing is vetted or verified, no ratings, poor writing, and on and on.

If Huawei puts no effort in for Europe, then it looks like they have some issues they don't want critical users and reviewers to discuss.

  • ianik

Anonymous, 28 May 2020I am based in Greece and I own this phone for approx. two m... moreplease confirm the below:
1) is the screen gorilla glass?
2) are you getting notifications from the apps you installed from apkpure/aurora store etc?
3) does it has a notification led on the front screen?

  • Al

ianik, 06 Jul 2020will my existing sandisk micro sdxc memory card work on tha... moreHas to be NM (Nano)