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  • AnonD-458498

The sensibility of reception is much lower than, for instance, Lumia 640. Here, at home, I don't have any level with P8 lite, but I have 2/5 or 3/5 with Lumia 640. I live in campain, far from towns, and the level of GSM signals is very small.

  • Mimi

My brother is using p8 lite. He keeps on complaining that sometime he Cant receive any text messages?? And even there is signal he has difficulty in sending txt messages.

  • Malik's

It's more than enough for normal user and Stand-by Time is very very good . i had mine 5-6% drops in 24 hours on 2g network .... im Very Satisfied

  • BoMbOaNa

a very good phone :)....better then s3-s4 and a cheap price!!

  • Pau 💜

Which has a better front camera ? P8 lite or ascend p7? Kindly post suggestions. Because i was having a deal to swap my p7 on p8.

  • Malik

More than Enough battery time full day

  • Anonymous

AnonD-457653, 21 Oct 2015how is the battery? Is 2200mAh enough for whole day with 3G?I use SMS/Call a lot and Data services turned on all day. At night it sill has around 30% battery left.

  • kaaa

I've been using my own p8 lite for almost a month now. I'm very impressed with its performance. If I were you, I will choose p8 lite than the j5. It's one of my choice before but I've picked the p8 lite 'cause it has a great quality of cam and all. Well, j5 is also a great choice but samsung us too mainstream already and p8 lite has higher specs than j5. In terms. of the battery life, I agree that it has a limited battery life. Well, you can't have everything in one phone. All of the. phones have their pros and cons. Battery life was also my concern but I've bought a power bank to support my phone. As simple as that.

  • AnonD-457653

how is the battery? Is 2200mAh enough for whole day with 3G?

  • atta

AnonD-455436, 17 Oct 2015Hello, can anyone tell what are the pros and cons of this smartp... moreI am using Huawei P8 lite, I having problem with Play Store as it do browse app pages but don't download if I click install while using internet through WiFi. Further as soon as I switch to Mobile 3G data, play store starts downloading and install the app.
I so far tried but of no use;
-restarting WiFi router and mobile set
-unstalling and reinstalling play store updates.
-changed the date and time of mobile

  • Malik

Huawei p-8 Lite better Choice you should go for it, i've been using this set without any problem from more than 6 months

  • AnonD-456983

tate, 18 Oct 2015On my view P8 lite is better then J5 according to full specs ,I'... morePlease tell me that which phone has best camera result p8 lite, honor 4c, or galaxy j5

  • Ash

can take video call from Huawei P8 Lite ?

  • uzumymw

Hi, i want to know that which phone has best camera, samsung galaxy j5, huawei honor 4c, or p8lite?

  • AnonD-456828

Dotman, 18 Oct 2015I am so confused now with the comment i have been reading since,... moreI have used huawei p8 lite its very dull smartphone cheap in design and poor optimization
Go for samsung galaxy j5 its best smartphone in this price range

  • Dotman

I am so confused now with the comment i have been reading since,i don't know whether to go for p8 lite or not ....need your advice pls.

  • tate

On my view P8 lite is better then J5 according to full specs ,I'm about to buy J5 or P8 lite

  • Imad

MuhammadAli, 17 Oct 2015Yup, you are absolutely right. Same is the case with me. A few g... moreDo you upgrate that

  • xami


  • Makfull

I bought this phone (ALE-L21 ver.) 2 weeks ago. For now i haven't notice any kind of issues. In contrary, i can say this is one hell of the phone for this price ... is not even mid range phone, it's much more then that. The performance is so great that i compare with my friend ASUS Zenfone 2 (Z3580) which is almost 2.5x more expensive then P8lite (at least in my country), so i compare 'Heartstone' game with mine and i can tell you guys ... it much faster then then Zenfone 2, the game starts and works faster ... About the battery, that's something that you can't tell so sure. I charge my battery on 2 days.. i'm regular android user, so 3G, Wireless, Emails, browsing and casual gaming, so for my expectation is more than i expected. Recommended.