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  • Anonymous

AnonD-70395, 26 Oct 2015yes p8 lite will get 6.0Are you sure??but gsm arena didnt says that will get android6

  • mass

i want to buy Huawei P8lite so i want to know that how it performance ? have it"s any problem ?

  • Yang

Bie, 13 Oct 2015I don't recommend Huawei P8 lite, I bought my phone a month... moregood thing that you only encountered 3 major issues mine I have 4 major issues

1. Messages not sending and receiving problem (now fixed after updates)
2. mobile data problem - it doesn't work after the update
3. very poor camera quality front and back cam, specially when you use it for video
4. battery

Try to update the software then ur message problem will be fix, but hope you'll not encounter the mobile data problem after update

  • ghail

Xubair, 16 Oct 2015Worst battery timing.......Yeah the messages problem is now okay it was fixed, but the mobile data is now having issues it won't connect :(

  • thea

Mike&F, 26 Oct 2015Same problem here, Wont send, receive. Erratic. Works for a... moreHi I got the same problem before I bout my P8 lite mid August I think and since then I had issues on sending and receiving messages, at first I thought it was the simcard or the network so i tried to changed the network and even the simcard and still the problem is still there so i tried to update the software (now it is updated), my message problem is now fixed but after my updates, unfortunately I have a new problem after updating the software with my mobile data, most of the time it doesn't connect and I still have the issue it doesn't even connect to facebook, fb messenger or even COC.

  • vielle

Pau 💜, 22 Oct 2015Which has a better front camera ? P8 lite or ascend p7? Kin... moreP7 is definitely much better than P8 Lite. I have both so I can compare.

  • Mikevin

Omar Sbeih, 26 Oct 2015Does it support OTG cableNo it does not support otg

  • AnonD-70395

yes p8 lite will get 6.0

  • Steven

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2015p8 lite is alot better then J5. but instead of these 2 phon... moreBut j5 only have 8gb phone memory while p8 lite have 16gb

  • Anonymous

MD ND, 05 Oct 2015What is the best phone Huawei P8 Lite? or Xperia m4 Aqua ? ... morep8 lite is better by a mile. Xperia has a really, really, REALLY bad camera.

  • kevin

hi i want to get P8 lite can some one tell me if the dual sim features work well

  • mahdi

Please one person reply my question its necessary for me i love this phone and ill want to buy it and android 6 marshmallow for this phone is coming or not??????its very urgent????????????

  • Rehan khan

AnonD-459497, 26 Oct 2015I am using this mobile past one month. I can't find any iss... morereally??????????

  • AnonD-459497

I am using this mobile past one month. I can't find any issue in this mobile. Before i was fan of samsung and now i became fan of Huawei.There is no battery issues & application issues.
Touch screen is awesome.

  • Omar Sbeih

Does it support OTG cable

  • Mike&F

Mimi, 23 Oct 2015My brother is using p8 lite. He keeps on complaining that s... moreSame problem here, Wont send, receive. Erratic. Works for a while when reboot, or reset the number, or make sure turn off wap pushing. ( for chat) Do these three and will get your messages sorted.
What we dont understand uis why the problem repeats.
Please anyone out there with some suggestions.

  • Mikevin

Got this mobile for about 3-4 months now and must say it's the best phone I had so far. No problems at all. I browse a lot and play online games every day and battery is not a problem. I charge it once a day overnight. A tip for people staying battery is draining too quick, when you close an app it's still actually running in background like all android phones do. That's why you will get notifications when your lives are full on certain games like candy crush and so on. To solve this and make your phone faster and battery last longer, go to "Phone Manager" it's an application factory fitted on the phone and scan or choose power saving scan. It will close unnecessary apps like that and increase battery life by couple of hours. Whatsapp and facebook will still work but other games or apps it sees as unnecessary will shut down completely until you open them again. And the camera quality on this phone is excellent too by the way. From someone going through different phones every month I would recommend the P8 lite

  • Nnnn

Im satisfied with this phone happy owner

  • Deb

p8 lite support OTG??

  • Anonymous

androide 6 for p8 lite?