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  • Anonymous

Nimz, 09 Jul 2016It doesnt work. I downloaded from official website but the updat... moreI am also facing the same problem. So do you find the solution to the problem

  • AnonD-562561

Hello i own p8 lite ale l21c432b199 model
Can someone please explain me which update i need to download in order to update it to marshmallow because i dont want to screw up something
Thank you in advance :))

  • rickz

hello i own p8 lite ale l21c432b199 model
Someone please help me and tell me which update i need to download in order to update the phone manual.
Thank you in advance :))

  • AnonD-45075

Can anyone who has this phone tell me if the phone lags? And how is the camera?

  • mva1997

Touseeff, 19 Jul 2016set have 1 speaker or 2 speakers? answer plz Only one, it's mono, but very good sound to be honest.

  • Touseeff

set have 1 speaker or 2 speakers? answer plz

  • AnonD-562004

AnonD-91044, 02 Jul 2016how to update my ALE-L21C636B170 P8 lite first, u have to download HiCare in Play Store.

HiCare >> Check for updates. u can upgrade it to ALE-L21C636B540 & after that u can install Android 6.0 + EMUI 4.0

Mine also ALE-L21C636B170 and I've just upgraded it to Android MM 6.0 and EMUI 4.0 using this step. They only provide 3.000 devices to get an update, so u have try this step as soon as possible. Good luck.

  • Dee

My one month old p8 lite screen just blacked out..I have tried to turn it on and off but still screen won't light out even though I can hear the startup tune.volume buttons are working and I can hear a sound each time I press them.however,the screen is still black. Someone please help!!

  • Ali

How to make a usual video call?

  • Nader

My Huawei's touch is damaged and the phone has a password, i need to take the photos and videos i use usb to connect it with the computer but the computer couldn't read it because of the password is there is any way to take them from the phone

  • VU

ahmmed, 11 Jul 2016After 10 months my p8lte got wifi problem that it is not connect... moreMe too face the same problem. Cant rely completely on this mobile.

  • E.S.R

My friend bought this phone at early this year ,all running good,but now after 6 month using start facing software problem,lagging and shut on its own
.and now my friend are regret for buying chinese phone,and now my friend keep his p8 lite in drawer and using his new xperia xa happlily

  • TNS

Hello everybody, I have a question for those who did the last update to marshmallow 6.0 : how is the battery backup now ? Is it better ? Does it last longer than before ?

  • Anonymous

Love My HuaweiP8 lite, beautiful phone to use, fast, awesome camera,very happy :):)

  • VU

I have bought P8 lite 4 months back and recently while using i had faced wi fi issue. It shows wi fi connected but not able to browse. Later i reboot the mobile even afetr that same issue was there but ended up in losing all my valued datas from the phone. Now i kept this mobile as dummy piece as i lost the warranty card as well which is required for the dealer for fixing this issue under warranty.

  • AnonD-560912

p8 lite or honor 5x please

  • brsn1996

Sumbal, 15 Jul 2016My huawei p8 lite is charging very slowly....what should I do?hello buy a new charger

  • Anonymous

bettery sucks too much master then mosqiuto shit!!

  • Sumbal

My huawei p8 lite is charging very slowly....what should I do?

  • Shabas

No otg support