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  • AnonD-494524

i wonder how to make video call .. i tried so many times to know but i can't know how .. is it phone don't support video call ? .. please help me

  • AnonD-495565

rony , 01 Feb 2016j5 Please define how?

  • rony

AnonD-495565, 31 Jan 2016which phone is better p8 lite or galaxy j5j5

  • Anonymous

P8 lite or j7?

  • aslam

i used p8 lite it almost good but radio not good

  • AnonD-396766

Nanosinx, 01 Feb 2016i found this for you morei see, then my current SD Card falls into the Category of "SDSC", it is only 1 GB, once inserted into phone slot, p8 lite gives me a notification about it's low speed plus an advice to get one with at least 10x speed which means 10 MB per second, that's a nice feature, am a little bit anxious about the SD speed, unfortunately there is little info about that, i will look into it further.


AnonD-396766, 31 Jan 2016do you know which SD card P8 Lite support SDHC card or SDXC card... morei found this for you­-entre-sd-sdhc-sdxc-explicando-las-diferentes-ta­rjetas-de-memoria-tutoriales/
SDSC (SD) – Original SD from 1MB to 2GB of Storage
SDHC – HC means High Capacity, and get from 4Gb to 32 or 64GB of Storage
SDXC – XC means Extreme Capacity, actual format, comes with 32-48 or 64GB to 2TB of memory storage, but since P8Lite is a MidRange i suppose i will not go further than 64GB, but you can try the 128GB only if you have one, if not, better put 64GB that will get a total of 74GB so i will ask to you, did you need more space?
if you have one micro SD of 128 just put it not matter if is SD, SDHC or SDXC is the same, you will find no more contacts or differences, compatibility depends on Phone and Software...

  • AnonD-495565

which phone is better p8 lite or galaxy j5

  • shoaib

Nanosinx, 31 Jan 2016well, P8Lite fit well, 2200mAh is not too low i am usually using... moreHay dear, plz guide, My P8LITE works well on both sims, but if phone remain idle for 4 to 5 hrs, SIM cards go deactivate and found off announcement, on restart again start working. how to fix this problem

  • AnonD-396766

Nanosinx, 31 Jan 2016Yes it support the 128Gb Micro-SD :)do you know which SD card P8 Lite support SDHC card or SDXC card and which one is better for games, i have a very old micro SD and it is slow, written in it micro SD that's all.

  • AnonD-396766

Sam, 29 Jan 2016no man Almost it takes 2.45 hours to charge fullya minutes ago it finished full recharge, which begins at 16:25 and ends in 18:58.

Siemans, 25 Jan 2016How about the bad issues of WIFI connection ? none, i don't have any bad connection in WIFI or Network 2G, 3G or 4GLTE

RL, 28 Jan 2016Is this phone support 128GB microSD cards?Yes it support the 128Gb Micro-SD :)

Lakhani, 29 Jan 2016My p8 lite is very slow in internet, videos take very long to pl... moreOperator LTE Problems for sure...
why you will like LTE Cat 8 or 10 with 1Gbps of speed if your carrier cannot manage 20Mbps the 4G on phone is good that is dependant of your carrier and network, is not phone problem is your operator problem.

Noona, 30 Jan 2016Hi all! I have few smartphones to choose from and I can't decide... morewell, P8Lite fit well, 2200mAh is not too low i am usually using a lot my P8Lite from 8am to 11pm or 12am, sometimes more, so i will say it's very durable for the day to day, of course, is not only whatsapp, is a bunch of games too
let's say
Line Coffee xD
Vega Conflict
Empires and Allies
Asphalt 8:Airborne
Plants vs Zombies (1&2)
GBA and consoles emulator
Whatsapp, Fb, Browser (i prefer the in-mobile than chrome browser)
Videos, Music...
and well, after the end of my day managed to still have a bulky 30-40% of battery
sometimes 20% but not less, so, for the use i think is OK the battery
Huawei P8Lite is supperior to Honor X4 in almost everything
that means is supperior with cute design to beat the Motorola Moto E, G and even the X
now i will not sure take that Samsung phone and with 512Mb less of ram you will get slowered down then i will go for Huawei P8Lite....
now the LG's
LG G4'S is bad, Full HD with 2300mAh battery?
it will drain all your battery! just the screen ... i will not take it! and only 1.5Gb of ram ... not sufficent....
LG G4'C HD, bit better battery but the ruin! 1Gb RAM and 8MpixCamera? oh dear, just......just take the Huawer P8Lite ...
Motorola MotoG3 is a good rival, but in CPU MotoG will lose, only Quad vs Octa ... did decent, Battery, Screen Res., Camera, but a MidRange GPU and just decent CPU (i never liked the SnapDragon 410)
both are good, choose in P8Lite or G3 from Motorola ...
take what fits best in hand, and what you like most...
you are buying made a descicion, check the UI and design, in hardware capabilities, i will go for P8Lite, but in design in fitting your hand, in UI or something like that, well, you have the last word in that. and whatever choose you made remember you chooses just because the design, fitting and model is what you liked :)

Roberto, 30 Jan 2016P8Lite or Honor X4?????????P8Lite is more newer device, and has better specs, for great price
the Honor 4X was relased in October 2014 but the P8Lite is relased in May 2015, always should go for a newer device
let's put a example, if i sell you a XPeria Z1 priced for 260 Dollars, and a XPeria Z2 for the same price for what you will like to go? both cost 260 Dollars (is an example) i don't think you will go for Z1 you will go for Z2 instead, so, always go for newest model ¿ok?

Sukirthan, 31 Jan 2016I seem to also Have a problem with the battery on the P8 lite. A... moreTry checking your open apps, or the battery manager to see what is wrong there, if you don't find anything even in recent apps, you should check go to techical service of your operator, there is less than a year so still have guarantee.
there is an app called Phone Management, or something like that, you should check battery usage, for me sure is one app is consuming a lot of energy of your phone...

  • Sukirthan

I seem to also Have a problem with the battery on the P8 lite. At 10 at night,I charged my phone to a full 100 % and unplugged it but once I woke up at 10 in the morning the battery was at 57 % without me even using it. Is it meant to be like this? HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

  • AnonD-495386

sohaail, 30 Jan 2016Is this set otg supported?No :(

  • AnonD-495360

Huawei P8 Lite or Samsung Galaxy J5??