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  • Toqi

AnonD-493834, 27 Jan 2016I strongly suggest this Huawei P8 lite if you want the best perf... moreIn your P8 lite ..... battery timing is best or not?.... because i have P8 lite but its battery drains automatically. If mobile battery is 48% at 11.00 pm and after night , on morning 7.00 am its battery will left 32%.
What is the matter in it...?

  • Lakhani

My p8 lite is very slow in internet, videos take very long to play at least a minute I have a 4g connection but it feels like old GPRS technology on this phone

  • AnonD-494528

any opinion about the p8 lite camera.

  • Shoaib

RJ, 24 Dec 2015Well I have purchased P8 lite a week ago after a careful analysi... moreI am facing one problem with my p 8 lite , at morning time SIMs are not accessible although at night both were working., which application make SIMs in sleep mode, how ko fix this problem

  • RL

Is this phone support 128GB microSD cards?

  • AnonD-396766

Battery life , 27 Jan 2016I have bought P8light in December 2015 now there is a problem in... morecharging time from 3% to 100% take about 2:15 to 2:30 hours.

  • AnonD-396766

nottsbozzy, 26 Jan 2016Hi Yes this has corning gorilla glass 3. are you sure it has a Corning Gorilla Glass, i checked the Corning Gorilla Glass site and p8 lite is not in list, also when i click in the screen with my fingernail it sounded more like plastic.

  • AnonD-494179

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2016huawei p8 lite OR lenovo A7000 ? go for the p8 lite! I also have lenovo and I regret that I bought it

  • AnonD-494179

Sheikh, 25 Jan 2016What p8 lite is otg supporter?no :(

  • AnonD-487877

Perfect device according to its price. I am a big fan.

  • Alexz

Huawei p8 lite or lenovo a7000+

  • a

MakEd, 27 Jan 2016this is not Samsungit's my reply to a ditch not this Huawei phone. I love huawei. LOL! :D

  • MakEd

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2016Samsung is a worst phone, the more you consumed the storage the ... morethis is not Samsung

  • Qubas

Better than most of its upper classes in every except for the camera its good but its not what i was expecting

  • AnonD-493886

what are the disadvantages of this device.

  • AnonD-493834

I strongly suggest this Huawei P8 lite if you want the best performance mid range android phone... Camera is amazing. Processor is so speed very smooth performance. Very good in gaming. also the headset is comfortable and loud. For me it's 10/10 for mid range phone :)

  • AnonD-493834

AnonD-493568, 26 Jan 2016I have this phone since 6 weeks and its almost perfect: Screen:... moreI agree to that sir :)

  • AnonD-493834

Noor, 25 Jan 2016I can't see the Fm Radio on P8 Lite screen. Can anyone explain m... moreHi Noor, it can find tools Fm Radio and other extra tool like calculator recorder and also the important backup.

also you can customize your widget. just hold press on screen home then click widget search for FM radio and just drag it. i hope that i answered your question. see yah :)

  • Peterson

can huawei p8lite work with WI-FI

  • Battery life

I have bought P8light in December 2015 now there is a problem in battery life cycle. what is the maximum time of battery from 100% charged?