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Huawei P9 Plus

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  • Fahdm

They say that the p9's family will be waterproof
Oh, god! If it's really going to be waterproof with these specs then i'm absolutely going to by it!!

  • AnonD-88759

Processor is Kirin 955 please correct!

  • AnonD-516548

janedoe, 15 Mar 2016I think it would be stupid to launch a phone so similar with Mat... moreThe Mate series is Huawei's big display endurance beast, the P series is the flagship series, if anything the P9 Max could serve as a marginally updated Mate 8 (QHD, perhaps AMOLED display, faster processor, better camera ect), personally I almost bought a Mate 8 before I got word of the P9 Max, if the specs are accurate (aside from that awful battery) then I'll be buying the Max for sure.

  • Fahdm

In my opinion, I think what will make this smartphone really rise-up in front-of the mate 8 is a 4K video resolution

  • Fahdm

janedoe, 15 Mar 2016I think it would be stupid to launch a phone so similar with Mat... moreFirst of all, the huawei p9max won't be more expensive than the mate 8 exept by just a few dollars 💵
Secondly, the p9max will have a better screen resolution and a dual camera (not mentioned in gsmarena) like it's little brother will have (p9) and the mate 8 doesn't have
Finally, i think it's display size is quiet good, because it's not so big for a phone to hold in your hand and put it in your pocket, and not too small for gaming for gamers like me!
You may like a big display but others do not! They just want a small light phone in their hand
Thank you!

  • janedoe

I think it would be stupid to launch a phone so similar with Mate 8 with regards to specs and dimensions. The information is either incomplete or the phone will not sell. Why buy a new more expensive phone when you can probably get Mate 8 at half the price? The 0.2in in difference won't cut it in exchange for a few hundred $.
However, if they play their cards right and make this phone AT LEAST 6.8in with all the specs of Mate 8, maybe a bit better, everyone who needs a X-large display will want it... Personally (being a woman and wearing a purse at all times) I need a phone (dual sim, especially for when I travel) that I can use as a tablet, when I don't want to carry around my large tablet (I own a Sony Vaio which is incredible but a bit too large and heavy for some of my purses)...

  • umair

huwai cam result is not gud excep front

  • Talha

If this device have this specs, i will absolutely buy it..

  • MANthrax

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2016please tell me one reason to have such bigger screen? in my opi... moreYour question was asked when the original Note came out. Whom needs a 55" HDTV, multi screens for a PC, 17" laptop, etc. If you use your phone for more than just calling depending on what you do they can become indispensable. I have a Mega 6.3" and I really don't want to go any smaller or larger, but I can totally understand getting attached to 6.8". And that is the only reason I don't want to go larger or I'll be attached to that size and then be disappointed with my selection come upgrade time.

  • AnonD-293814

6.8" is the best ratio for mobility for someone that needs big screen. In europe the only option is lenovo phab plus (a midranger) and I just ordered it as is the only 6.8" that supports Band 20 at 800Mhz in Europe at 299 €. Huawei P8max has almost double price at 650 € and is not supporting the band 20.

I already own a Zenfone 2 5.5" (witch is far faster) and a sony xperia c5 plus 6" but with so small screens is difficult to do many tasks without getting to my 9" windows based Tablet or Laptop. After 5.5" i need a small bag as it can not fit in my pocket. To size is not a big problem and you get less eye strain with the larger screen.

I would prefer to well spent my money on a P9MAX with 6.8" but that will not happent as it seema.

I hope Lenovo to bult a better Phab Plus in specs or Huawei a better P10Max model next year (and I would but it with happiness) as this years options are only lenovo phab plus and P8max that is not supporting the important band 20 for europe.

  • mohd

i love huawei

  • Anonymous

Ben 10, 05 Feb 2016Huawei... why, why, why did you reduce the screen of the P8 Max ... moreplease tell me one reason to have such bigger screen?
in my opinion, its the best modification they did to reduce the size to 6.2, also if its from 5.8, it gonna be better, this specs are the best forever, iam waiting for that rocket.

  • gerkin

Dre, 03 Feb 2016A 9 inch phone screen? Bro you know how retarded you will look w... moreJust because 6.8" is too big for you doesn't mean its too big for everyone. I mostly use the phone as a mini-tablet, I would go to a full sized tablet, but most of them have bezels that are way too big. P8Max is just on the threshold of what I can carry in my pockets. I want a big screen but be able to carry it, and the P8Max fits the bill perfectly. If mini-tablets did away with the wasted real estate on useless bezels I would use those instead. I agree with the previous poster that 6.2" is too close to their existing line up.

  • Anonymous

the specs!! what a flagship killer!! if this baby has a 4k Mah battery damn! im totally sold!! il be shifting from galaxy up to this baby!!

  • Ben 10

Huawei... why, why, why did you reduce the screen of the P8 Max from 6.8 to 6.2?You already have the Mate 8 at 6.0 so there's no significant difference in the screen size now. I already own the P8 Max and was looking forward to the P9 Max at the same screen size of 6.8.
I don't understand why people say 6.8 screen is too big to carry around. People carry their laptops, ipads and galaxy Tabs with bigger screen sizes around and they don't look silly. Looks like i won't be upgrading to the P9 Max. Hope someone else fills up that gap.

  • Dre

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2016Interesting device, but why no removable battery and only 6.2" s... moreA 9 inch phone screen? Bro you know how retarded you will look with that big of a phone while answering calls. Lol

  • KiNg

At least a front flash, welcome to the new era its all people been talking about lately, mostly woman and I hope the battery capacity will be above 3000mAh but anyway specs is looking good though

  • Anonymous

Interesting device, but why no removable battery and only 6.2" screen. 9" screen would have made the most of the 2560x1440 resolution.

  • Phanith

I do really love P9 Max, what will it announce I can't wait to see it....

  • AnonD-493527

AnonD-273829, 10 Nov 2015all specs are great except that kirin chipset and hope they rele... moreSee the latest update in antutu benchmark smartphone ranking so that you will know the power of hisilicon kirin. It overpowered samsung exynos and the latest snapdragon in a high margin except iphone A9 chipset.