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Huawei P9 Plus

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  • Anonymous

5.5-inch FullHD + 3400mAh, pretty average combination.

  • AnonD-493457

no man the p9 is 3000 battery with kirin 955 and neo ips lcd screen
but the p9 plus is kirin 955 with 3400 and super amoled screen

  • Anonymous

no 2160p, whats the use of that ?!?...

  • AnonD-523095

I need a replaceable battery, bigger battery, and better video and camera than the Nexus 6P. More specifically I need 240 fps HD video that works well. Why can't Android phones cameras/video lead the way in this department?

  • ICE

This can't be right. 3000mah battery and a Kirin 950? When comparing with a Mate 8 then the P9 Max should come with at least 3600 - 4000mah battery. Why would the baby brother (P9) come with a Kirin 955 and the Max comes with a 950? Doesn't make sense unless they are cutting production costs.

  • AnonD-510700

Most credible sources are now confirming that the P9 Max WILL have a 6.8" screen, Not a 6.2" as suggested here.
This comes after sources also confirmed that Huawei WILL be launching a "Plus" version alongside the Lite, Max and standard P9.
Apparently the Plus version will feature the exact same setup as the Max, But with a slightly smaller screen, Possibly 5.8" and minus the rumored "pressure touch" feature the Max is apparently set to get.

  • AnonD-522056

All sounds great with this upcoming P9 Max, except one thing.
The battery capacity. 3000 mah for a phone this size is a joke. I have a S7 edge which has a bigger battery and just about does the job for the day. I also have a P8 Max, best all round device I've ever had, I think it's battery is around 4,300 mah, it's great. I was hoping for the P9Max to have the same huge screen, same or bigger battery, with the reverse charging feature of the Media Pad X2. - that spec would have made it the definitive best phablet style device in the world for certain. It's crazy that these manufacturers upgrade specs for next models and leave out some key areas at the same time...

  • Cviks

I w8 thiss

  • Petaine

Dre, 24 Mar 2016Dude why don't you just still give it a try, cmon you are g... moreOf course I will man, at 6.2" and with specs like that it's a sure candidate. I'm just disappointed that it won't have a 16:10 ratio; that would be amazing.

  • Dre

Petaine, 23 Mar 2016When the first rumors about this phone showed up (around No... moreDude why don't you just still give it a try, cmon you are gonna go with a boring Samsung phone?

  • Petaine

When the first rumors about this phone showed up (around November 2015) a screen ratio of 16:10 was listed with 1600x2560 resolution. That got me very excited and I was really looking forward to this phone. Unfortunately, the latest leaks state that the screen will be 1440x2560 which is 16:9 like every other phone out there. So I'll guess I'll simply hold on until the new Note will be announced. Hopefully, Samsung will increase the screen size; 5.7" seems small for me now!

  • B McG

I was looking at the P9 Max as a potential replacement for my Note 3, however if the 1080 video resolution is correct then I think I'll wait for the Note 6 now. It otherwise ticked every box with the possible exception of battery mAh.

  • Fahdm

They say that the p9's family will be waterproof
Oh, god! If it's really going to be waterproof with these specs then i'm absolutely going to by it!!

  • AnonD-88759

Processor is Kirin 955 please correct!

  • AnonD-516548

janedoe, 15 Mar 2016I think it would be stupid to launch a phone so similar wit... moreThe Mate series is Huawei's big display endurance beast, the P series is the flagship series, if anything the P9 Max could serve as a marginally updated Mate 8 (QHD, perhaps AMOLED display, faster processor, better camera ect), personally I almost bought a Mate 8 before I got word of the P9 Max, if the specs are accurate (aside from that awful battery) then I'll be buying the Max for sure.

  • Fahdm

In my opinion, I think what will make this smartphone really rise-up in front-of the mate 8 is a 4K video resolution

  • Fahdm

janedoe, 15 Mar 2016I think it would be stupid to launch a phone so similar wit... moreFirst of all, the huawei p9max won't be more expensive than the mate 8 exept by just a few dollars 💵
Secondly, the p9max will have a better screen resolution and a dual camera (not mentioned in gsmarena) like it's little brother will have (p9) and the mate 8 doesn't have
Finally, i think it's display size is quiet good, because it's not so big for a phone to hold in your hand and put it in your pocket, and not too small for gaming for gamers like me!
You may like a big display but others do not! They just want a small light phone in their hand
Thank you!

  • janedoe

I think it would be stupid to launch a phone so similar with Mate 8 with regards to specs and dimensions. The information is either incomplete or the phone will not sell. Why buy a new more expensive phone when you can probably get Mate 8 at half the price? The 0.2in in difference won't cut it in exchange for a few hundred $.
However, if they play their cards right and make this phone AT LEAST 6.8in with all the specs of Mate 8, maybe a bit better, everyone who needs a X-large display will want it... Personally (being a woman and wearing a purse at all times) I need a phone (dual sim, especially for when I travel) that I can use as a tablet, when I don't want to carry around my large tablet (I own a Sony Vaio which is incredible but a bit too large and heavy for some of my purses)...

  • umair

huwai cam result is not gud excep front

  • Talha

If this device have this specs, i will absolutely buy it..