Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei P9 Plus

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  • Romy

I would like to try huawei brand.
But my issue with them is that how come they dont make IP68 dey shud have front facing firing speakers.when they'll do these,ill buy then.

  • Anynomous

Huawei P9 is no doubt a good quality phonw, and Huawei is brave enough to differentiate from the rest. They are willing to take the risk that qhd is just redundant, 4k recording is also redundant on a phone small screen, and they believe their way is phone photograpy, and i think they nailed it, however, the P9 is just too damn expensive. From GS8, mate8, mate s they are all ridiculously expensive. Only the haves that are sick and tired of Apple and Samsung flagship will try the P9 because it is so bloody exoensive. The Chinese will buy anything that are expensive because they think its a prestige....

  • Anonymous

ZOPO Speed is your smartphone family to follow!

  • mymora88

sina, 07 Apr 2016you are a fan of samsung ???!!!!No I'm not a fan of Samsung. I Own a Lenovo A806 phone. It cost me around 140 Euro and it is a very good phone. Why should i pay 650 Euro on this phone. I don't use camera too much.

  • AnonD-524144

I'm pleased that you cleared that up for all of us...

  • AnonD-500072

I don't like the bandage on the back, also only 423 ppi pixel. check out s7 edge is 534ppi. and water resistant. also make with glass front and back. it's beautiful, you touch it. you feel it.

  • Anonymous

Avand Rd, 08 Apr 2016Beautiful, especially the back. And i trust huawei phones q... morewell,Samsung is too korean too

Beautiful, especially the back. And i trust huawei phones quality. But i have to be honest.
1. I dont like huawei, i mean the brand. Its so chinese. I dont want to see huawei letter in front.
2. People wants snapdragon SoC. Kirin isnt good enough, lacks 4K video rec capability.
3. I afraid this phone is not strong enough. Almost all metal unibody phone failed in jerryrigseverything bend test.
4. I hate thick black screen border.
5. The most important one. Its so sad to know that huawei phones are now very expensive

  • Anonymous

sadly this phone not supported fm radio officially

  • AnonD-94745

mymora88, 07 Apr 2016What ??? 680 Euro and :No Camera OIS; No 4K Recording; No ... more
iphone 6s cost 620 Euro and: No FullHD Screen; No water & dust resistance; No Wireless Charging; No Fast battery charging!; Non Removable battery; No memory card slot; Bluetooth is not compatible with other manufacturers phone; many of simple operation can not be done without iTunes installed on your computer (very boring); no control buttons below the display; but they have the strongest marketing to convience customers that their product is the best. and are successful in that.... and that comments 5s, which has a display of only 4 inches and which was such a success that succeeded to sell. I can only congratulate them on that art.
Too much money for good marketing!
iPhone - NO THANKS!

  • AnonD-402029

no OIS?

  • Jed_ah

With this specs just get the s7 edge unless uts 200usd less...

  • zubi

Before purchasing..
See features of emui 4.0
Many features are remove from official stoke version of Android os.. eg. multiuser, music equalizer even Many 3rd party apps are also not supported.. Call recorder call recorder..

So guys before purchasing must check honor os features, it's looks, hardware, camera is good.. But in matter of software it is worse.. And also no regular updates.. Customer care services is also worse..

  • Rolly

Roadwarrior, 07 Apr 2016Good Phone, Good specks but will not buy due to hybrid sim ... moreThat's what I hate, dedicated memory expansion slot.

  • AnonD-523707

This is my next Phone anyone knows if a approx retail price was disclosed at launch?

  • AnonD-523681

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2016It has OIS. Huawei got pretty know and they are charging pe... moreGone are the days when Huawei made good phones at a reasonable price. So sad!

  • AnonD-523681

Does it detect eye movement so that it always stays on when looking at the screen?

  • Mali

Never had a Huawei before but this phone is exactly what I'm looking for. It is premium and looks the part.

  • AnonD-314371

mymora88, 07 Apr 2016What ??? 680 Euro and :No Camera OIS; No 4K Recording; No ... moreyes you're right & galaxy s7 edge is also cheap price than this shit

  • AnonD-182501

dual 12 MP only shoot only 1080p video that very same