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  • don

Please update the software to enable wi-fi calling offered by Cell C in South Africa

  • AnonD-3315

Still waiting for stable Nougat update. Never again Huawei. They are very slow in update 🙁
Funny thing is in huawei server we can see new firmware but they are not releasing OTA. Why!!!!!

  • AnonD-668468

AnonD-653689, 18 Mar 2017Please help! I have the huawei P9 plus and after the la... moreSame Problem

  • AnonD-573368

So after 2 months since I upgraded to Nougat, the phone is obviously worse now, restarting by it self , sometimes switching off, video playing doesn't match the sound, actually many bugs
The only thing is better than before that the screen is not stuttering anymore, but now the whole touch sometimes misses up
I don't know if the software built is getting better in the P10 brothers , but for me I think my first and last Huawei device
Forgot to say the earphones stopped on their on suddenly too

  • AnonD-665799

I already used huawei p9 plus for about 6 months. Very smooth phone. Nver lag, never over heat, speaker sound very clear and loud enough. Battery last for a day, with around 5-6 hours daily internet and youtube. I charge at night before sleep, and the battery become 10% when I got home at night before I recharge again. Very satisfied with this phone. =) performance also become slighthy smoother after nougat update. Very recommended to all.

  • AnonD-580028

on Nougat batterylife improves a bit, but on update b370 you can see much longer battery life.

  • jowenne

php, 19 Apr 2017got mine a month ago, coming from Globe postpaid :DHow's the performance? Battery life? Camera and video quality? Thanks

  • AnonD-659353

Finaly vodafone uk p9 plus update to android 7 EMUI 5 ITS SO GOOD.

  • php

JAU, 15 Mar 2017Are they going to release an nougat update in the philippines?got mine a month ago, coming from Globe postpaid :D

  • 1919

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2017it's already available here at ph..update for nougatIs it an ota update? Im with smart postpaid, been waiting forever for N. What's the fw version? Maybe ill just manually update to official version.

  • AnonD-195163

MR LE NOIR, 15 Apr 2017i bought this phone. i at the beginning it has a long bat... moreDid u update the Android system recently??

  • AnonD-580028

Hi guys!
new version is appeared VIE-L09C432B370 in international version of P9 Plus. Has anybody experiencies with it? Any issues. I am trying to download just now via firmwarefinder, but always stuck at 45%. Thanks.


i bought this phone.
at the beginning it has a long battery life ,after 2 weeks the battery starts creating problems and heating for unknown reasons!!!!!!!!! what can i do to recover the battery life cuz when its charged 100% it may last 6hours the it becomes low battery.
please advise me what to do?
i tried to do factory reset there is no change.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-661019, 11 Apr 2017When will nougat available in the Philippines its already available

  • Anonymous

AnonD-661019, 11 Apr 2017When will nougat available in the Philippines it's already available here at ph..update for nougat

  • AnonD-219632

Anyone can activate Volte function on VIE-L29? My set lack for this function.

  • AnonD-661019

When will nougat available in the Philippines

  • AnonD-195163

abcccc, 31 Mar 2017Hows the batery life? Much better?Hi, I'm from Malaysia, just updated to EMUI 5 few days ago...
I noticed that the battery life is slightly better after i did the following..
1) turned off HiBoard
2) changed to black colour wallpaper
3) changed to black colour interface
4) lowered down the display resolution
Overall, I'm happy with the new update.. and so far i didn't face any problem at all :)

  • abcccc

AnonD-657772, 31 Mar 2017Absolutely YesHows the batery life? Much better?

  • AnonD-657772

abcccc, 26 Mar 2017Is this phone upgradable to 7.0 and 5.2emui in malaysia? Ho... moreAbsolutely Yes