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  • Bassem

Designing the hardware is so easy, but building the software for it ,it's so damn hard. is it right (Huawei)?

  • AnonD-573368

Ibam really pissed off with the delay of the Nougat roll-out for this phone, the P10 is almost released and all 2016 other companies flagships have been upgraded into Nougat and still are we here the P9 Plus users didn't get it, I almost paid 700 euros for this and still not getting the Nougat, their software support is not convenient at all, disappointed really!

  • JeoueX

So, my riend bought this and he was amazed that this phone also supports USB OTG by using a Type-C to Type Micro-B (which is the common usb port type for most android phones). Just saying something that's not in the review.

  • JatZ

Mustafa, 07 Jan 2017Pl suggest.. mate 9 or p9 plus.. I have only used P9 plus but I must say that I'm never getting a phone without amoled screen. 5.5" screen though is a bit too small for my taste.

  • Samuel

Did this p9 plus get the update to Nougat? I heard it is starting rolling out in Italy.

  • AnonD-580028

So I did it with SD card update manually. So I was excited, but everything went fine. My P9 Plus works fine; the new version: EMUI 4.1.1, B181 Security patch date. 01.09.2016.
No issues, so I can hardly wait for Nougat update. Considering joining the beta program for Nougat update, but maybe wait for official. Anyone does know, when it will be available for P9 Plus. for P9 is already available globally in Europe, But for plus isn~t yet. I personally suppose to get the final in february (maybe earlier...)

  • AnonD-580028

Does anybody have the B180/181 update installed on P9 Plus? Is it worth upgrading. I have currently VIE-L09-C432B170 version installed. have anyone experieces with it?

thanks a lot.

  • Hunter

OneGod, 18 Nov 2016You mean they don't have this solution on their hp? I thought no... moreYes, they dont have their solution because i already 2@3 time overcharged my hp.. Huhuhu..

  • Anonymous

Mustafa, 07 Jan 2017Pl suggest.. mate 9 or p9 plus.. Definitely Mate 9. They're not on the same league (especially the camera). It's almost guaranteed to get Android 8, but the P9+ might not

  • AnonD-573368

Any P9 Plus owner has recieved the Nougat update around here ?

  • AnonD-573368

Mike64, 11 Jan 2017For similar price, the Mate 9 seems to be better (camera). Which... moreBetter screen and better design and maybe the forcetouch too, but you might be right as well I agree somehow with you

  • Mike64

For similar price, the Mate 9 seems to be better (camera). Which is the interest to choice P9 plus?

  • Anonymous

I am using P9 plus gold in colour. It is the best cellphone I have ever used. It is not too big nor too small. About all it is very light. I used one device, I am not sure if we are allowed to mentions names. It was also plus in size. but it was very very heavy. Within a week's time my hand joints were very painful because of that heavy weight that i was always taking.

This one is very fast, it safes battery, camera is wooow. design is woow. It was features of the expensive phone and ...

  • Omid46

My dearest electronic technology fans.Do you think that the price of this upper midrange smartdevice comes down (around $200)so I can put it in my Grand Dream Virtual Museum!!!?Thanks for your unbiased logical recommendations!!Omid12Omidvar is Justice Rights,....

  • XX

Mustafa, 07 Jan 2017Pl suggest.. mate 9 or p9 plus.. p9+ the best

  • Mustafa

Pl suggest.. mate 9 or p9 plus..

  • xx

Jackie, 04 Jan 2017But this can't be upgraded to Nougat???never you can update in 2017

  • Jackie

But this can't be upgraded to Nougat???

  • johnmanu

P9 plus support VoLte or not..?

  • joseph

AnonD-580028, 30 Dec 2016Hi Guys! Could anyone of you tell, when p9 plus gets Nougat upda... moremy friend, in the first quarter of the year 2017 you will recieve this new update you were talking about, the EMUI 5.0 for HUAWEI P9 series and mate 9.