Huawei shares a P50 Pro camera sample

Ro, 23 July 2021

After Huawei officially confirmed the July 29 announcement of the P50 series, teasers started flowing in. The latest one is once again about the camera and comes in the form of a sample.

Huawei's official Weibo account posted a single, low-light photo of two people fencing. The image, of course, has been compressed when uploaded to Weibo so pixel-peeping won't tell us much.

Huawei shares a P50 Pro camera sample

However, the fact that colors look so good and the fast-paced subjects aren't blurred is quite impressive. For now, the full specs of the camera setup aren't officially confirmed but a previous teaser reveals some of them.

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  • XP 2018

Huawei said there will be no Mate50 series this year.

Noted. Yes Zenfone 8 has a great camera image processing, love it as well. Enjoy your day.

Yes that's exactly my point, not worth wasting time after raw files. Anyway, I am happy you enjoy your phone. I have a Zenfone 8 since 2 weeks and I have to say i am very Very satisfied with it, better in any possibile way compared to my old P20...

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