Huawei will reveal its 5G plans tomorrow

Peter, 23 January 2019

Huawei increased its R&D spending in preparation for the launch of 5G. Now the company wants to talk about what it has been working on with a “pre-MWC” briefing to be held on January 24 in Beijing (that’s tomorrow).

The event will be livestreamed and it will kick off Huawei’s 5G efforts. The company wants to deliver a double-hitter by unveiling a foldable 5G phone – either at the MWC or in the second half of 2019. Sub-brand Honor will release a 5G phone too.

Huawei teases a 5G Wi-Fi 6 router for tomorrow
Huawei teases a 5G Wi-Fi 6 router for tomorrow

We don’t actually expect to see a phone tomorrow, certainly not a full reveal. However, Huawei recently teased a 5G router with Wi-Fi 6, which was promised specifically for January 24. Expect to hear about 5G networking equipment too.



Reader comments

  • CristiB
  • 25 Jan 2019
  • sf8

Im not gonna but a 5G phone....and if you care about your health, you wont either. Its just not worth it. The price you have to pay is way too high... Please do yourself a favor and research what 5G means and how it affects your body.

the post I quoted was deleted have you seen that post? that anonymous poster was full of hatred towards China, not discussing ratioally seriously I hope GSMArena will disable posting by anonymous, come clean and come forward, register an ID

I totally agree, have this same argument with my grandmother quite often. She blames mostly the waves in the air but I think it's a combination of preservatives, processed foods AND the amount of increased radiation and what not that all these signal...

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