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Huawei Y6

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  • Anonymous

Hi just want to ask if apps being install in this phone can transfer to SD card? (Move To SD Card) thanks !! want to buy this phone this coming December

  • ismail

tim, 27 Oct 2016You better turn off your radio while not in use by that i m... moremy mobile huawei y6 scc-u21, it working in 4g or no , pls tell me

  • AnonD-608804

how to unbrick a dead recovery in this huawei y6. my phone was dead after using swap memory application my phone never been power up even a recovery.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2016Huawei phone experience Nepal. Huawei is the most irrespons... moreMan it was your mistake bcoz u root it

  • AnonD-604370

Guys help me to fix this sh!t my huawei y6 2 keep on hanging! Grrrrr fak!!

  • dhani

i love to having this phone.. cheap but strongest one in its class.. welldone huawei

  • Anonymous

Huawei phone experience Nepal. Huawei is the most irresponsible phone ever. Bought Y6 gold and immediately damaged display when I opened Youtube. I went back to customer care asking for my warranty service and they say that the phone had already been rooted and so they can't repair that for free. I had bought the phone with seals packed and yet this happened. They refused to repair the phone. I am never buying a Huawei phone and never recommending anyone to buy that either.

  • AnonD-608063

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2016Guys...why my huawei y6 cannot connect to 4G LTE internet..... moreThere are two versions one is only 3g and other is 4g.....

  • Anonymous

i got this and i love it

  • AnonD-8311

i cant download anything from google,play but i can download apks etc using native browsers,chrome,opera and other alternative plyastores ive installed on th fone,on Google playstore wen i click "install app" it will just say downloading and 10 mins wil pass without a single byte downloaded,but i can download from playstore without any issues over wifi, issue seems yo be with mobile data only ,heeeeeeeelp

  • fyeratanye

this huawei have gyroscope sensor?

  • AnonD-605520

Does Huawei Y6 SCL-U31 support 4G ?
This is Y6 1 gb ram.

  • AnonD-603249

AnonD-604370, 30 Oct 2016Guys help me pls..My Huawei y6 2 keep it on hanging.My huaw... moreTry a hard reset:

1. Turn off your Android Huawei Y6 / Huawei SCL-L01 phone and remove battery and reinsert it after a few seconds.

2. Press and hold both Volume UP + POWER buttons. Release Power after a few seconds and press Vol UP until Andorid recovery menu comes up.

3. Select Factory reset /wipe data. (scroll down with VOL down.)

4. Select with Vol UP.

5. Scroll down to Yes -- delete all user data. Press Vol UP to confirm.

After all is done press Volume UP to reboot system now.

After data wipe has completed you are done. reset Huawei Y6 done.

  • AnonD-603249

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2016Guys...why my huawei y6 cannot connect to 4G LTE internet..... moreYes, it's 4G

  • Anonymous

Guys...why my huawei y6 cannot connect to 4G LTE internet..does my huawei support 4G network???

  • AnonD-604370

Guys help me pls..My Huawei y6 2 keep it on hanging.My huawei is 1 week old only.what d f!.what I should I do!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-601999, 25 Oct 2016Can something be done to improve the battery life of Huawei... moreTry reducing screen resolution or number of colors

  • AnonD-603307

Why i cannot use 4g in Indonesia ? Does it support 4g in your country?

  • AnonD-603249

AnonD-598182, 15 Oct 2016Does this mobile Allow moving apps to SD card ???Yes.

  • AnonD-603249

My Y6 is restarting by itself several times a day. Anyone knows how to fix it?