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Huawei Y625

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  • mode411

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015my huawei phone has been like that before, what i did is restore... moreHow do I backup the stuff on the phone? The settings, the materials etc can all be backed up to where? Google drive? How without losing the organization?

  • mode411

Been using the phone to 2months now. However it's limited probably because of the 4gig rom. I already have 32gig card fitted. Yet it is not allowing me update the apps I've installed. Any suggestions?

I've moved almost all the apps from the phone to the card but it keeps saying insufficient space.

  • imtiaz

network problem. when i play or download some apps it becomes 2g network.. bt other devices get 3g network. what can i do now. i bought it 2 days ago.........

  • Dekas15

Hey guys, my haweii doesn't light up the keys down the screen. At night I can't see the keys is that normal?

  • Anonymous

herzetm, 15 Aug 2015My huawei y625 is not downloading apps someone plz helpmy huawei phone has been like that before, what i did is restore my settings and after that, everythings fine. back up all ur files b4 anythng :)

  • marcybells

i've been a huawei phone user 3 years from now. and i love huawei, its overall performances is excellent. i really loves its camera coz even on a dark night, image still clear with using its camera flash.

  • AnonD-170675

It automatically restarts every 2-3 hours. There could be something wrong.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-430783, 17 Aug 2015I'm thinking in to buy this phone for my mom; the unique point t... moreJust get a SD card!

  • AnonD-430783

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2015My mobile data doesnt turn on what could be the problem plzHi, please verify the APN configuration on your phone. It it has cell signal and you can make calls, but the problem is only with data signal, it might be some misconfiguration with APN in there. Let me know if you can resolve the issue. Regards.

  • AnonD-430783

I'm thinking in to buy this phone for my mom; the unique point that makes me worried is the amount of ROM internal memory, 4Gb is much small amount of memory.. :(

  • User

Any please help me with the custom rom of this phone? I want to update the system.

  • md

AROSHA,, 16 Aug 2015Friends, I'm planning to buy Hyawey 625 or ... moreobviously honor holly...bcz y625 only 4gb ROM & its verry verry poor...
I used y625 bt after some days i sold that...on the other hand, holly 16gp ROM & other configuration are almost same...


I'm planning to buy Hyawey 625 or Honor Holly.Pls advise me what is the best phone?Pls consider Internet speed,Screen resolution &Sound.I dont mind the internal memory.Thanks

  • herzetm

My huawei y625 is not downloading apps someone plz help

  • hArRy

Which mobile is better.. Huawei y625 or Huawei honor bee...?? Plz help me...

  • Harry

What is better..?? Huawei honor bee or Huawei y625

  • AnonD-429472

i would like to know if the huawei y625-u32 have a notification light? if yes how do i activate it

  • razerchamp

Great!!I can play nba2k15 to this phone..

  • Pirate King

AnonD-428153, 11 Aug 2015It supports 1080p videos, I use to play on mx player pro.. Unf... moreOk thank you for the info. and one more question, is there a screen protector including in the box?

  • AnonD-428153

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2015doapllications can be downloaded on externel memoryYeah, all sort of applications can be moved