i-mate Ultimate 9502

i-mate Ultimate 9502

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  • Anonymous

why they forgot radio

  • Anonymous

nokia e90 is dead now

  • Zach

Finally a phone with the Sidekick look but with the latest technology. This might be my next upgrade. Good on you I-mate

  • erb528i

It looks like a battery life too short, isn't?

  • Anonymous

Currently #1 contender for my next phone, depending on price and type of GPS.
If it's A-GPS, then it gets red card...

  • dynamic_gsm

Like no other

This is i-mate Ultimate.

  • al

I meant 8150.

  • al

I-mate keeps announcing things without a relaese. I have been waiting for I8125 for a long time where is it?

  • Anonymous

this is a great jump from i mate....

  • Samo

Thank YOu I-Mate, to be honest I'm the last one who thinks to buy I mate phones, but really after the latest ones I became surprised, now I mate is my favorate especially Ultimate 9502, what a great phone, you can notice its performance and multimedia, it's perfect among tons of devices, I'm sure it's my next phone, I like all its features and i call every one who would like to buy a smart phone to think about Ultimate 9502 in serious, what do you want more in your phone!!! just plug a 4GB memory card and FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, thank you gsmarena for announcing about this phone.... Sameer

  • Paul

General look nice, spec ok, price? when is become reality, I have been waiting to long for what I want

  • Raja

Finally here comes the IMATE with full features !! wwoooww see the screen size , ROCKS always i mate rocks

  • Anonymous

Well, it looks like hardshell mobile, but until it´s available on stores - no deal. 8150 and 6150 were announced much earlier and we still can not get them. If this is ot cancelled, we may wait for 2012???

  • Ali

Hey GSMArena....u forgot to mention the onboard GPS for this phone....quite an important function to miss out on...