i-mate Ultimate 9502

i-mate Ultimate 9502

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  • Issac

mindblowin except for the 5mp camers rest everything seems perfect for the n 95..but i feeel its 100 times better dan n95.

  • sri_mersing81

IR = Infrared.
so many dislike. It's MOBILE devices. what do you expect??
i think you'd better stick to normal phones. i got one to sell to you, it's 5110 Nokia...

  • sri_mersing81

This phone has simply astonished me...
It's 1st in my list, second for HTC Kaiser....

  • Sina

This PDA is not so good.
It doesn't support: HSCSD, Infrared port, Geforce Mobile, Radio, SRS Mobile effects.
The CPU speed is low.(@ least must be 520 MHz)
Also the monitor quality must be 16M color instead of 262K like iPhone.
& I hate the black color.
I ♥ silver color for any portable devices.

  • Kenshin

The Display size is too small. Not easy to read text. Now a day mobile device tend to have big screen!

  • hellgod24

what means IR??

  • Gogo

Spec sheets and details given at homepage : http://www.imate.com/product.aspx?product=ultimate9502&skinid=1

Still no IR as well as FM Radio.

  • annoying

The only problem with i-mate is just releasing too many models but NOTHING comes out. Look at the first release of Ultimate models, until now it remains a dream. Again, new Ultimate models. For sure 9502 will be available in 2-3 years or so.

  • sony

copy sony umpc?

  • Anonymous

I'm pretty sure I've been waiting over 10 months for the Ultimate range to be released in Australia.

iMate can shove it.

  • Anonymous

wow....for 1nce a phone has everything that i wanted...
well so did the sony ericsson p1 but this sounds better....because of the tv out...and it has a better keyboard

  • Steve J

Well well well it looks like there is a new kid on the block! Let's hope it can get off the block and into people's houses! The Ultimate '150 series promised so much but to this date has not been released. I hope i-mate can release this one before Christmas. This device is an obvious challenge to HTC's TyTN II. Yet it attempts to steal TyTN's thunder. It betters TyTN II in that it has VGA res, 262144 colour palette and TV out! The question is will it give fast, dynamic and reliable (FDR) operation or will there be endless lags. TyTN II though only QVGA res gives FDR operation. That is what people want. Have i-mate bitten off more than they can chew? The proof of the pudding is in the eating!!

  • Huo

oh oh, nokia in trouble

  • Anonymous

so whast with the low standby time..even tytn is more than double

  • Anonymous

I don't expect this phone it's for displaying only look those models 5150, 6150, 7150, 8150
9150 etc they never comes out

  • allan

quite impressive. how much gigs will it hold, 1 or 2. who do you pay for the navigation. I have N95 and i'am happy, but this is quite a contender, cause of qwerty keyboard, and touch screen. this is alot better than that i phone piece of junk.

  • Rahul

Hey, i was wondering does this phone have a stylus and can u use ur finger instead of a stilus liek the tytn 2 i thk thats touchflo

  • MA

This is the ultimate WM phone and it is hottttttttttttttt!! I am definently getting it when it come's out

  • blackwine

is this an answer to HTC TyTn II

  • moe

this phone is just great defintly it gonna be my next upgrade , any news about when will it be in the market >>>>>???