IDC: Global smartphone market declines after massive China slowdown

Yordan, 04 May 2018

The International Data Corporation (IDC) published its report on the smartphone market in Q1. The data revealed that a slowdown in China dragged down the whole market to a decline of 2.9% on a yearly basis. The home country of Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, respectively 3rd, 4th, and 5th, shipped less than 100 million phones, which hasn’t happened since 2013. Samsung and Apple kept the top positions with minor changes in volumes.

Company Q1 2018 Shipments Volume (in million) Q1 2018 Market Share Q1 2017 Shipments Volume (in million) Q1 2017 Market Share Yearly change
Samsung 78.2 23.4% 80.1 23.3% -2.4%
Apple 52.2 15.6% 50.8 14.7% 2.8%
Huawei 39.3 11.8% 34.5 10.0% 13.8%
Xiaomi 28.0 8.4% 14.8 4.3% 87.8%
Oppo 23.9 7.1% 25.8 7.5% -7.5%
Others 112.7 33.7% 138.3 40.2% -18.5%
Total 334.3 100.0% 344.4 100.0% -2.9%

In Q1 2018 Samsung shipped 2 million devices fewer, while Apple increased its numbers by 1.4 million. Huawei managed to ship nearly 5 million phones more and now accounts for 11.8% of the market. Xiaomi is the biggest winner with 87.8% Year-on-Year increase, while Oppo goes down in 5th after unimpressive performance.

All other manufacturers shipped 112.7 million phones which is 33.7% of the total amount, meaning two out of three new devices are manufactured by a Top 5 company. For comparison, last year the "Other" markers had a combined market share of just over 40%.

IDC: Global smartphone market declines after massive China slowdown

IDC reflected on each of the leading companies and what was the main driving force during the past quarter. Samsung remained a leader due to the earlier launch of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, compared with their predecessors, the Galaxy S8 duo. The biggest driving force for the massive volume are the A and J series, targeted both at developed and emerging markets.

Apple had the iPhone X as the most popular model each week in the first three months, bringing a higher average retail price. Huawei reinforced its third place with the affordable phones and the continuing expansion in Western Europe. The Shenzhen company is still trying to catch up with Apple, but this might be a harder task to accomplish now that it was denied proper access to the US market.

Xiaomi is the big winner in the overall picture due to its massive online expansion in India and Southeast Asia, as well as arriving on key European markets like Italy and Spain. In an attempt to compete, Oppo launched an online-oriented brand called Realme, with the first device expected in two weeks.



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He's not a serious photographer the dude just said he likes taking good low light photos in the club, do you know how creepy it would be if he busted out a camera in a club lol crappy phones can't take good pics no matter what you do.

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