iFixit demotes iPhone 14 repairability rating to 4/10 retroactively

Michail, 20 September 2023

Last year, iFixit gave the iPhone 14 a 7/10 repairability rating due to its updated internal design allowing for easier repairs. Despite the updated internal design, Apple continued its policy of part-pairing which imposes software limitations if the repair parts are not approved by Apple and this prompted iFxit to retroactively lower the iPhone 14’s repairability score to а 4/10.

iFixit demotes iPhone 14 to 4/10 repairability rating

The new do-not-recommend rating comes after iFixit reassessed the degree of difficulty in completing most major repairs – like cracked screens and backs. One of the more head-shaking examples is that a replacement back glass panel would require software validation from Apple. Users with non-validated parts would receive pop-ups saying their iPhone is using non-genuine parts or would lose some core functions depending on the replaced part.

Apple’s ‘genuine’ parts warning messages
Apple’s ‘genuine’ parts warning messages

The iFixit team also mentions how independent repair shops part of the Independent Repair Provider program are forced by Apple to send customers’ personal information and have to agree to five years of audits if they want to continue doing Apple-approved repairs. Apple has not responded to feedback over these software-locked repairs.



Reader comments

I agree with you on this. Apple should put all of these warnings about non genuine parts in Settings app and do not bother the user who still want to use the phone.

Apple's back glass is fused with the rear microphone, flash and wireless charging coil and those have serial numbers with software locks in place. so if you change the back glass guess which parts won't work.. 0/10 reparability 10/10 gr...

  • 404
  • 23 Sep 2023
  • txE

Great! (except the software update part)

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