Infinix Note 11 Pro

Infinix Note 11 Pro

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  • Anonymous
  • Nu7
  • 11 Dec 2021

Bukester, 08 Dec 2021The phone is super but there is one thing that drive me to ... moreThe phone is good

    Lastborn, 09 Dec 2021Better go for samsung It has thermal protection,120hz sharp display, decen't chipset,decen't camera at a very decen't price 50% less of the price of same spec samsung phone

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      • Lastborn
      • Xxq
      • 09 Dec 2021

      Harith7, 07 Dec 2021Lcd display,mediatek processor no software teamBetter go for samsung

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        • Bukester
        • Nue
        • 08 Dec 2021

        The phone is super but there is one thing that drive me to it and it hurt when it was not found on it... Double interface.. Of which redmi note 9pro possess it.. I swear I feel sad to realize that I have bought a phone of that amount and there is no two interface... Please he built a suitable two interface app for the phone asap.. That would enable keep the documents menu side and display the empty one over it

          Wryyyy, 04 Dec 2021Been wondering why this phone is getting some traction. It&... moreLcd display,mediatek processor no software team

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            • Jhosh
            • K7i
            • 06 Dec 2021

            Why they didn't make this phone 5G? Oh god, some of the phones that released in the last week or months have already 5G huhu.

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              • Wryyyy
              • the
              • 04 Dec 2021

              Been wondering why this phone is getting some traction. It's cheap with a reason.

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                • Summer Record
                • 61Y
                • 03 Dec 2021

                Always use Mediatek Helio lmao

                dimensity when?

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                  • Holla
                  • Nu6
                  • 02 Dec 2021

                  From note 10 to note 11pro, these phones are not better than note 8....take it or you leave it

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                    • Mrizwan
                    • sUv
                    • 01 Dec 2021

           not fair note 11 superamolad 11pro IPS.sham.on infinix walo

                      Sir ADB, 31 Oct 2021Don't Buy this phone. Infinix mobile does not upgrade... moreThen? U gonna get security updates..
                      And after warrenty goes out u can root your phone at "carlcare service center" to use custom rom if u don't like it

                        Chaze, 20 Nov 2021Im using infi note 10 pro right now and chip version here o... moreStill xos ib btr than the memeui
                        I hate that f*king ui

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                          • Chochi
                          • sUv
                          • 27 Nov 2021

                          Phone is good everyone go for it but some any finger touch with sensor the screen become like it's gonna fuse white line show on screen otherwise battery , camera all things are excellent👍💯

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                            • Jonas
                            • Tku
                            • 24 Nov 2021

                            Previous version had NFC and this one doesn't. WHY??????????

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                              • Godwin Uhiene
                              • Nu6
                              • 21 Nov 2021

                              Just got mine yesterday, the charging system is awesome, one minute to one bar topping on the battery very fast indeed.
                              Although I am still new with the phone but the over all speed is excellent, I am in love with the phone.
                              The performance is s Worth the price.

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                                • Osazee Isaac
                                • Nue
                                • 21 Nov 2021

                                yud666, 03 Nov 2021Why this gpu downgrade ????????? Because is shot video in 2k

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                                  • Chaze
                                  • th7
                                  • 20 Nov 2021

                                  Im using infi note 10 pro right now and chip version here on philippines s g90t ... I think they almost same g90t g95 g96 their score s almosy identical... Im from xiaomi poco x3 and kinda bad experience .. i think sooner infinix will claim the next king on phone sales coz of their reliable hustle free cheap phone.. let me tell u the one reading this now!! On cheap phone infinix s better os XOS just when u buying get the higher ram variant like 8/138 i dunno but too many silent bloat on infinix

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • LBi
                                    • 20 Nov 2021

                                    McDarling, 13 Nov 2021Note 10 pro will do better than this in gaming, as GPU in t... moreThe 11 has the option for extended ram. Its a give and take between the 10 and the 11

                                      Anonymous, 15 Nov 2021NoYikes

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • uZa
                                        • 18 Nov 2021

                                        look is very beautiful......