Infinix Note 11 Pro

Infinix Note 11 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Thanks Infinix for the IPS lcd because i am damn bored from amoled useless display always have failures always expensive to replace always hurting eyes always have burn in but people stu.pidly still liking it ... IPS sharper and really enjoyable the always on display won't help my life in anything and the fingerprint in display i super hate it again please continue making IPS display FHD durable even cracked still working no black spot or pink or green line no hundreds of dollars replacement.

  • koffi

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021How to unlock,? It's touching behind or front of scree... moreside, on the botton power

  • Anonymous

Bro, 05 Nov 2021At least put an amoled screen to this rubbish.Stop being toxic. The price suits well even do it doesn't have an amoled display

  • Anonymous

How to unlock,? It's touching behind or front of screen? Please

  • Bro

At least put an amoled screen to this rubbish.

  • Kennie Froshie

How enticing
Don't even know how to describe how i feel after going through the specifications
I'd like to purchase this phone rather than buying zero x pro because am sure it will save some money

  • yud666

Why this gpu downgrade ?????????

  • Amsleek

Please, i will like to know if the infinix note 11 pro would be recommended for livestreaming and live chats. Thanks

  • Sam

this phone is a blast. I love it. The processors are a total magic

  • Anonymous

Sir ADB, 31 Oct 2021Don't Buy this phone. Infinix mobile does not upgrade... moreyes i agree with you

Don't Buy this phone.
Infinix mobile does not upgrade their phones os to new os. They release new phones instead of upgrading their os. Example: Every 6 months they release new infinix note series without upgrading the predecessors

  • Anonymous

sq2013, 24 Oct 2021Are you not aware that their primary target markets are eme... moreFor your information, Huawei Mate 20 X has 7.2 inches OLED screen. All Samsung Galaxy Tab S series has AMOLED screen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021I do not believe this specificationsIt's real specific so why you Don't believe

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Am in love with note11 though am not touching it before .hope it would be ok to go with, what the price here in nigeria?.

  • J-ROM

does the telephoto camera have optic zoom ?

  • Eunice

Nice features, hope it doe have voice record while on call because xpen am using don't have it

  • LAK

A solid smartphone that gives a good experience as you get a mindblowing mediatek processor.

  • sq2013

SteveDailisan, 21 Oct 20215000mAh of battery doesn't really matter if your chips... moreRedmi note 8 pro has a chipset built on a 12NM infrastructure and it's battery is 4500mah and it's considered to be amongst the best budget gaming phones in recent years with brilliant battery life. It's not all down to hardware. Software optimization can account for huge gains in battery life. The iPhone 12 pro max battery is only 3700 mah and battery is exceptional.

  • sq2013

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021i have been using ips lcd for long. i have no complain at ... moreAmoled is vastly overrated. It's just people trying to show off or trying to justify their massively overpriced phone that talk up amoled. I have owned and used both types. I love huge screens on phones. I would go for a 7" LCD over a 6.5" amoled anytime. The difference in price doesn't equate to the difference in quality. I have a poco f3 with a Samsung E4 amoled panel. Hate the thing. I am using the infinix zero 8i with a quality 6.95" LCD and I love it. The poco f3 was over 300 euros. The infinix was 145 euros. Great value.

  • sq2013

Ali2020, 22 Oct 2021This is not a big phone. Is still way smaller than the mi m... moreOf course, it's big. It's huge. 6.95" screen is massive. The mi max 3 is 6.9" so marginally smaller and the A72 from Samsung is 6.7" so smaller as well. Where are you getting your information from? The biggest iPhone is 6.7" with the 13 pro max. If you think that the screen is not big on this phone, I'd love to know what phone you think has a big screen.