Innostream INNO 90

Innostream INNO 90

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  • janaka

i need to repaire my inno 90 phone replace the reban please help me to find it i am in srilanka send me to buy some where

  • AnonD-153319

I need battery for innostream INNO90. Does anybody have?

  • Me

Nary, 19 Dec 2006Ive had 2 units plus other models of inno phones. All i hav... moreCan anyone tell me where to get the screen replaced/repaired as I love this phone and used it as a backup phone when I travel. does anyone have a spare screen- willing to pay

  • Anonymous

Very neat and nice phone.I need a flexi strip for it though.

  • delwin Asawaka

it is a very good phone, infact a had one as a gift from a friend in the year 2006 and have usde it till only problem is that it has now hang and the screen is also off though i can receive calls its making me uncomfortable to use.Am from Ghana and i wish this phones will be in abundance in Ghana and Africa.Its realy a good phone with good sound,picture quality

  • Anonymous

flo, 01 Sep 2008Just found my inno90 in my old storage. I can turn it on bu... moreGreat phone and do have the install driver set up, but is useless as it only will work with windows 98

  • flo

Just found my inno90 in my old storage. I can turn it on but it hangs... anyone knows where i can find the pc sync software or the flash file? TQ

  • Anonymous

The worst mobile ever. Don't buy it!!!

  • Joseph Lamptey

Dear sir,

I have been using the phone ''INNO 90'' for about two years now. The problem I am having with the phone now is that the screen is not working. When I receive a call or I make a call, the characters on the screen do not appear. I would appreciate if you can help me solve this problem.

Thank you.

Joseph Lamptey

  • MK

2 years of fun with that inno and now...surprise surprise..the screen is goodbye my cell goodbye, the price was really high, the screen is white, that`s not polite, goodbye my cell goodbye...Inno never again!!

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to assign downloaded audio as
ringtone for every group?

  • henry

my brother bought this inno90 and he is no more alive.he have lock the phone we dont know how to open the unlock phone pls can u get me the code to fomat it

  • FedUp

Battery life next to useless no wonder they supply two bateries.

Answer on flip open - not likely.

Forget about is phone.

  • steven lawday

couid you tell me do you sell batteries and carrying case for innostream 90 if not do you know who thank you

  • karan bhangu

tird class handset

  • Anonymous

Please whoever can help me get the PUK of m phone. I somehow misplaced the manuals of the phone and have tried getting the download to no avail.
Is it possible to download the manual of this phone. I purchased mine early this year but hve not used it since 'cos of the lost of the manual.

  • ghase morano

i put rong password whow can i make format or open studio or photo againe?lz help me

  • karan singh

this handset cannot be repaired

  • Nary

Ive had 2 units plus other models of inno phones. All i have to say is that every new model that comes out is no better than the old one. It truly is horrible, but all i gained was experience on how to fix them. I know how to repair innos easily and have many spare parts such as lcd screen, camera and other stuff. rebekah if your phone doesnt power on any more, dont bother getting it fixed. Try getting a new battery, thats most likely the problem

  • Dindin

I love this phone do not want to part with it.I travle with my phone am back home now my phone will not get calls I can only send call me request text cant make calls theres a strange icon on the phone a red triangle infront of the battary I need a contact number or help me please I have to travle soon