Innostream INNO 90

Innostream INNO 90

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  • vincent

very good function,but it's quite bigger the sizes...........

  • Horst Lange

Dear Sirs,
you forgot the converter and timer.the li-ionbattery with 680 mA is the slimversion,the standardbattery has 870 mA.
With best regards.
Horst Lange

  • Anonymous

One thing bad about this handphone is that you have to buy another external cable to connect to your computer,and it doesn't have infrared or bluetooth.

  • Undefined

I personally used this phone before,compared to Samsung E700,the function is better than the Samsung E700.It also come with the mp3 ringtone player which is something unique compared to other handphones.Besides that,the resolution display is much more better than any 65k display.I personally find it very stylish,functions are better and value for money.

  • Anonymous

looks like a samsung