Innostream INNO 90

Innostream INNO 90

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  • Corey

Dear Chan, Does the Inno 90 support taking video and if so how long are the clips.

  • Gadget_Freakoz

Sorry to interrrupt again! There's something I need to correct at the "Inno 90 Specification" page.

Please take note that there are 4 preset games in the Inno 90 but they are supported by WGE games. Java applications and games are not supported. But I truly believe that the interface of WGE games is far more better than Java games.

And to your info, Inno 90 can support 64 Yamaha polyphonics ringtones in .mmf file. You can also convert MP3 into ringtones but the limit is 200kb per MP3. It's okay with me because I can directly crop the chorus part. All the ringtones prove to be very nice, loud and clear.

And the faceplate available for this phone is either Pearl White or Silver. It's not changeable.

And the language available for mine is Automatic, English, Chinese and Simplified Chinese. One thing for sure is that I don't have to change the languange setting if I want to type a different language SMS. Convenient!

And in case Inno 90 user doesn't take a peep into it's manual, the battery can only be use for a period of time which after that you'll dispose them. For how long? I still don't know yet.

The Inno 90 also comes with the Converter. And belive me, the converter is quite complete and easy to use! Nokia lose out in this features.

Well, that's all I have for now. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!

  • Gadget_Freakoz

Dear Corey,

I've been using my Inno 90 for about a month now. As far as I know, this phone has a total of 4MB storage space. There's no expansion lot.

  • -

can someone help me please, i want to know how to copy the Phone Book from my SIM card into the phone's memory.plesae help

  • diddy

I think that this phone is really good except that the loudspeaker needs some work and you need a data cable in order to get new wall paper or ringtones. The ringers are really fabulous and the picture quality is great....out of ten igive this phone 9.5

  • corey

Hi, does someone know how many mb memory this phone has???

  • chee boon keong

Innostream INNO 90 is a very good phone. But the software is lagging especially when typing the sms. Therefore, the software has to be improved.

  • Amar

Ok well i have both the samsung e715 and the inno90 and i persoanlly feel that the inno wins in all categories except the camera. The inno is packed with exciting features and it is a better value. I like the inno much better, samsunf just holds a name and inno is a small korean comany. INNO90!!!


GREAT phone!!coverts mp3 to ringtones,crystal clear sound!!

  • Johnny

Just recieved it, and I am most definitely convinced that it is the best phone currently on the market. No 2-ways.

  • farhat

I love this phone! It has great features, and it looks cool especilly in the dark and the circular LED glows. The ringtones are superb. The images and color is crisp and clear and the camera quality is outstanding! Better than the more expensive E700. The only downside is, is that there are no sites that i know of that could download images, rintones onto the inno90. PLS,PLS PLS TELL ME IF THERE IS A SITE/WAP SITE THAT COULD DOWNLOAD RINGTONES AND OTHER ONTO INNO90. email 2 me @

  • yeah

well..this phone is considerable good... though i havent really max the useage yet...function and features are good...and i think ive invested into smth i wont regret...

  • jos

i really like love the color display n the camera,it's awesome!

  • c.k.c

halo..i come form malaysia ..i wanna know how to download ringingtone at here! can go which one wed site for search? can u tell me pls...

  • help

emergency: i'm looking for a hp now. and i cant make up my mind which hp to buy. which do u guys think is better n worth buying? inno90 or sony ericsson t630??

  • Anonymous

To frans:

if i were you i would defenitely choose INNO 90 as its cheaper by price and the colour displays and funtions are damn good. Too bad it does have Bluetooth. But still worth it for the price and functions

  • frans

recently i planned to buy a hp and i have chosen E700 and innostream 90. which is better?` can u guys give me some opinions?~

  • sue

hard to find the website to download ringtones... and cant spell the word when using t9

  • kricket

very disappointed with the screen quality - i personally think my girlfriends e715 has a better picture - and thats only 65k

none of the pictures are very crisp - even the ones that came with the phone

this phone does not support java - at least none that you can download - regardless of what the website says...

the camera is less that perfect as well - all the pictures ive taken are very grainy and look terrible when downloaded onto the computer - e715 wins in this category as well

the best feature is probably the mp3 ringtones - watch the heads turn when your phone rings

but on the downside of that - you can only assign the mp3 ringtone as the default ringer - you cant customize caller group ringtones with downloaded ones - only with those that came with the phone

all in all - i think i spent all that money to have the mp3 ringtones

  • twidus

woah.. i totally love this phone.. i'm using a e700 now but i'm willing to exchange it for this anytime..
anyone has any idea where to get it in singapore?