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Innostream INNO 90

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  • rebekah

I bought an inno 90 a while ago as i had only had it for a couple of mnths as it turned off one day and never turned back on again please help as i would love to get it fixed as i love the phone please help thanks

  • ex user

whoever using this phone can throw away .. pls.. lousiest phone ever

  • Dan

I higly dislike this phone. it worked very bad for me. when i would make a call it would disconnect. had many problems

  • nabin kumar

I am using Inno 90. I got a promlem and that is the cable of keypad which in connected with screen is broken. How can i get that cable. Please send me your reply to solve my problem.
Thanking you in advance.
- Nabin.

  • arun waghmare

compact& good overall.good photos, enough memory. lacks bluetooth or infra connection.Irequir Battries,USB conector cable.

  • Dilip Jokhakar

i am using Inno-90 phones since last two years.Since last one week it is malfunctioning,I am not able to make a call out side.I have not selected any barring features.I can send sms,receive the call except making a call from the instrument is a problem.Could anyone guide me?I tried my level best from the booklet to find out the fault.

  • Anonymous

i bougth this fone for 400 us with t-movile
now a few weeks ago i tried to suitch to
singular but it got bloked , but i've tried
all the web around the wordl to get tecnical
suport i never found this telefone is the same as my inglish so a mess, finally now
is on the garbage.......what a headache

  • basa_peerasa

MOST ugly phone i`we ever seen

  • Tybolt

I bought the phone because it was the right price for my needs. The phone lasted about a month before the message, 'Insert SIM' started popping up after about 30 seconds after being turned on. I went back to the store that I had purchased it from and they told me that they had stopped selling the phone due to too many problems. I've tried to contact Innostream but I haven't been able to get a reply from them or ahold of a live person. It was a great phone for the month that it worked though. I was really happy with it, but now I'm really annoyed that it didn't last very long.

  • Emmy

Open it, then close it, and open again, the screen will display well

  • Michelle

My phone wont save pictures, save recorderers or save voice record either.. if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.. i can CALL, ANSWER CALLS, and CALLER ID WORKS but it's just those few things that dont work..

  • soyer

i had this phone for a year and it broke in two like others have stated. the screen and everything work its just hard to hold when its two pieces. My phone would restart its self while on a call and reception was very bad compared to other phones. i paid 150 usd

  • Anonymous

I bought the INNO 90 in March 2005. By Sept 2005 the screen was blank. At that time i paid $600 USD. It took me a really long time before i can save that money and 2 think dat it jus wasted really bothers me. I will never buy any INNO phones again

  • mya

after a year this phone broke in half.. and it still worked!! it was still connected to the keypad through a silver wire.... then it just never turned on.. very nice looking.. but you need to be very careful or your might end up like mine and the other guy that posted something similiar...before mee.

  • vv

I got 2 units. The only bug I foumd is when it is out of signal range, the screen changes to searching and never returns when the phone gets back within the range again. One of them always has this bug but the other has it once in a while.

  • Anonymous

i had this phone for two years and the screen went blank then it broke in two the upperhalf (screen) separated from the lowerhalf(keypad) but amazingly it still works with the earpiece.
its a cute phone but it doesnt last long and what sucks is that i paid $400 US for it.

  • karina

i like this phone. But you need to know that if u have internet connection, and your cable is plugged between the inno90 and computer, then u can not share files between them. That is not a serious problem, if u just use inno90 for calling. And it haves many different sms writing styles. What is your problem, people.
I like it, and camera works, also other features are OK!!!

  • Sheena

INNO is ah great phone wont lie but its only for a time..only lasted me like 1 1/4 year and now i cant see one thing my mainstream is isnt it....damn soo depressing..or then the other crap parts scarce ...geez!!!

  • Nary

This phone is alright, but after a while it sucks. I got a lot of spare parts if n e one need it. (LCD screen, camera, battery, etc..) i just got a new one and having "No service problems." it sucks. i put my sim card in and cant call no one. If n e one know how to get service on my inno email me.

  • mayeth

im having a problem about my screen.the unit of my cellphone is inno 90.the problem is that the screen is blank. i cant see any thing. wat shoul i do?where can i get info about it.