iPhone 4 UK and US pre-orders starting, costs 630 euro SIM-free

15 June, 2010

Apple is now taking pre-orders for iPhone 4. A SIM-free device costs 630 euro for the 16GB version and 740 euro for the 32GB one. Currently you can pre-order only a black iPhone 4.

Starting today Apple is taking pre-orders for iPhone 4 in some of the countries from the first wave - USA, United Kingdom and France. Japan and Germany will follow soon.

In the US you can get an iPhone 4 for 199/299 US dollars on contract with AT&T.

In Europe you can buy a SIM-free device for 629 (16GB) or 739 (32GB) euro. Some of the UK carriers have also started taking pre-orders for iPhones on contract.

Currently, the white iPhone 4 isn't available for pre-order.

Vodafone and O2 UK also announced their plans, but Vodafone took them down from their website. Both carriers will offer iPhone 4 on almost the same plans, so no big deal here.

O2 UK iPhone4 tariffs

Vodafone UK iPhone4 tariffs

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