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We kept saying anything about these amazing devices, why not let's wait for an authentic review then we can judge the sound output via phone speaker and a headphone, then we can actually scrutinize or hail the company for its efforts

  • AnonD-529081

xotiq, 21 Apr 2016The Le1 is a hotplate in disguise. Check the horrible revie... moreHeights of exaggeration these days, not only for this phone but others too. I am yet to get news of any user being hospitalised for burns(even ist degree), HOTPLATE indeed!!!! and people want >4000maH and very, very quick charging and no heat to be associated with these specs!!!

no 3.5mm audio jack, hmm I cam live with that, blootooth hesdphone/ usb-c to 3.5 adapter is there. but no gyro for a 10 k phone ?? so for VR, my only optionis to buy their Le VR headset?? No thnks

prashant, 22 Apr 2016what is the difference of having 3.5mm jack and not having 3.5mm?Having a 3.5mm female audio jack in your smartphone means the audio signal coming out of this port is analog in nature. This means you can plug in any headphone/earphone with 3.5mm male jack from any brand and enjoy music instantly. These headphones are analog in nature and are abundant in the market. Just plug and play. No conversion from digital to analog is required here as these headphones basically consist of a pair of analog speakers and a wire to connect them to the smartphone 3.5mm jack.

LeEco is not following the above route and is transmitting the audio in digital form and not analog. It is sending this signal through USB Type-C port. But the problem is the speakers inside all headphones are by default analog in nature and they are not able to operate on the digital signal sent by LeEco smartphones. Hence these special type of LeEco headphones/earphones needs to embed at minimum a DAC chip which will convert to analog signal and set it to the speakers. So to use LeEco smartphones you need to stick to their headphones only, others won't work.

It may happen LeEco to provide us with an USB to 3.5mm adapter with the DAC chip embedded in it. But now you have to carry this adapter along with your phone and your favorite headphone to enjoy music.

  • AnonD-522541

xahieed, 22 Apr 2016no 3.5 mm jack.....!!!!! what if I want to charge my phone ... moreShouldn't do that anyways. It's bad for the battery.

  • prashant

what is the difference of having 3.5mm jack and not having 3.5mm?

My thoughts about CDLA tech which pumps out digital audio out of the Type-C port:

What LeEco have basically done with Le 2, Le 2 Pro & Le Max 2 is to disable the internal crappy audio codec pack (performs digital to analog conversion) that comes with all Snapdragon & MediaTek chipsets and route that digital audio signal through USB Type-C. But as headphone/ earphone speakers are analog in nature there is a definite need for digital to analog signal conversion somewhere within the audio chain. Generally audiophile centric phones have digital to analog conversion hardware embedded inside their phone, using quality DACs + op-amps + headphone amplifiers. Finally analog audio signal is available through 3.5mm female audio jack of the phone on which speakers operate. This gives the user complete freedom to use any headphone he/she wants.

LeEco's intention is to built an ecosystem around its phones. You buy there phone so now you are bound to buy their headphones. More sell more profit, just like Apple Inc. So none of their current trio of phones can be labeled as audio centric as their is no discrete audio hardware inside their phones. Rather LeEco had made the DACs + op-amps + headphone amplifiers available outside their phones and inside their headphones which is strange as no audiophile headphone manufacturer follows this route.

There is a big question mark regarding the audio quality LeEco headphones have on offer? Any audiophile will first ask what are the DACs + op-amps + headphone amplifiers used inside their headphones? How the power to these hardware are regulated from phone? What are the materials used inside the headphone speakers? LeEco have not provided any information regarding this other than stating they have "solid bass".

To any audiophile "solid bass" = "solid fail".

  • xahieed

no 3.5 mm jack.....!!!!! what if I want to charge my phone while using the earphones also....no separate slot

  • Anonymous

xotiq, 21 Apr 2016The Le1 is a hotplate in disguise. Check the horrible revie... morei have Le 1s, software updates fixed those issues. People on flipkart are just too lazy to update their reviews.

  • AnonD-395831

Once again not have a gyroscope sensor.....?

  • xotiq

The Le1 is a hotplate in disguise. Check the horrible reviews online. Hopefully this one should be better.