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Lenovo A60

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  • dazed

my lenovo A60+ cant send or recieve data even though i have already set it to accept cookies and did everything in my end that I know to enable it to no avail. how am i gonna fix this?

  • justin

i got my son's unit last xmas 2012... he likes it until i notice now that it's getting hotter like the surface or a glue gun tip with melted glue stick on it...either on or off still it's getting hotter ...WHY? i hope the phone won't blow... it's even hotter than the battery of my compaq laptop battery which by the way had serve me for 4 years now

  • Parthiban

Lenovo a60+ not working internet how to solve that problem

  • AnonD-137027

jj, 06 Jan 2013how can i enable the cookies? where can i find it? go to browser, then press the leftside key of the unit, tap to More, select settings, then check accept cookies.

  • AnonD-137027

Recommended apps for this unit:
1.AVG antivirus PRO -for unit security and protection
2.SPB Shell 3D Launcher - simple personalize launcher
3.Dolphin Browser - fast internet browsing
4.Winamp PRO - has equalizer best for music listening

  • AnonD-137027

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2013low battery life when you are in 3G mode the unit will drain fast its battery level, when you are just calling and texting the unit will last a day and when you playing 3D Games it consumes much battery, uhmm 25%..

  • AnonD-137027

ClydeCris, 05 Apr 2013how can i update the phone ? not the app. games! the unit cannot be updated because it has no "software update" in settings menu.. better "ROOT" your phone dude..

  • AnonD-137027

mkrusades, 10 Apr 2013OMG..this phone does not support MMS sending...huhuhuhu...no, the unit can send MMS, 1 peso per send.

  • AnonD-137027

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2013How to off camera shutter sound?minimize the ringer volume located at the top right of your phone. when you do such, the incoming texts/calls volume are also minimize. : )

  • rhain

im experiencing multiple messaging, 5- 10 messages the same content, i did replaced my sim card its a new one actually but the problem is not resolved.., help pls

  • ana

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2013ijust bougth thiis A60. And the battery is easily drain and heat... moremine too..makes me so sad =(

  • ana

where can i buy extra battery and specified charger for lenovo a60?

  • mkrusades

OMG..this phone does not support MMS sending...huhuhuhu...

  • Anonymous

How to off camera shutter sound?

  • AnonD-132612

how can i update the phone? because it was updated 2011 before i bought it. not the app. games!

  • ClydeCris

how can i update the phone ? not the app. games!

  • Anonymous

Rod, 01 Jan 2013have you solved your problem? i do experience the same problem,,... morelow battery life

  • Mohon

Lenovo a60 possble videocalling? Or supporting for dual camera flash and image video quality how is that.

  • surya

very best mobile I like it I. giving five star. all the feature are best fastest net browsing speed I am very happy to using it. buy without any doubt. not any problems.

  • AnonD-118090

the phone is good