Lenovo A60

Lenovo A60

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  • Anonymous

i love it

  • O.P.Y

how can i download java on it

  • durex

sir how can i fix signature verification failed..tnx

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2013i am using lenovo a60,but how i can off the camera shutter sound?try nyo pong mgdownload go launcher

  • shan

how can I make Print screen?

  • jay

mc, 11 Nov 2012I cant turn off its shutter sound. :(when capturing images of lenovo A60+ when the volume is silent or reduce to zero.. still shutter is in sound.. please anyone can help? tnxxxx

  • Anonymous

i am using lenovo a60,but how i can off the camera shutter sound?

  • Sonia

I want to buy a new cell phone. so how is this one, any one please suggest I should buy this or not.

  • Hydera

google play not opening up while I am able to browse gmail and other onlie apps.any suggessions please

  • hyder

I am using lenovo A60 its good touch is an excellent. But I I need an information. About this mobile is it possible to call vedio call

  • jj

Rod, 01 Jan 2013have you solved your problem? i do experience the same problem,,... morehow can i enable the cookies? where can i find it?

  • willy

Lenovo a60 android is good but i've always get a notice regarding low space in memory,so i have to delete my download games...can you add auto save to SD, if ever we download any application?

  • AnonD-96478

more application more battery usage simlpe as that..good day

  • AnonD-96196

tweety, 29 Sep 2012pls help me to choose what to buy bet lenovo a60 to alcatel ot 9... moreI guess Lenovo A60 is better than alcatel because of its soft touch screen, well hope this is helpful.

  • AnonD-96196

This is my first android phone and I love it because it is a user-friendly android, more lenovo phone please!

  • Anonymous

ijust bougth thiis A60. And the battery is easily drain and heated. whats the problem.

  • Rod

foxy, 22 Jun 2012i cant access internet on this phone, first few days it was doin... morehave you solved your problem? i do experience the same problem,, i had enabled the cookies but it still doesn't work..

  • Anonymous

hi i just bought this unit but i dont know how to use the video camera

  • eric

bugijam, 12 May 2012root your phone,install a latest custom ROM(you should learn how... morehi..just bought this unit and we have excellent signal of WIFI but WLAN cant push through..what will i do.. pls. help...

  • ed

akosimumi, 19 Dec 2012The battery life lasts for 8 to 12 hrs only. I charged it before... morescreen movement is slow, how can i do it to move past..