Lenovo Pad Pro

Lenovo Pad Pro

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  • ortodos

is this real?

  • Anonymous

this is what heroes do......................by far my favourite tab it is super awesome and it has extremely impressive price point i guess this is the killer tablet of 2021.

  • Dxx

No cellular service is a huge no buy

  • Anonymous

Mohi, 26 May 2021Yet no cellular data...and? the wifi version from samsung tab s7 and apple ipad pro is already more than double the price of this tablet..

  • Anonymous

If the software is good, this will be a killer tablet.

I'm a fan of this tablet.

  • Mohi

Anonymous, 25 May 2021It is actually the best tablet you can buy. Its half of pri... moreYet no cellular data...

  • Anonymous

Impressive price.

  • Fury

This is the best of Lenovo Pad 2021 series. Good job Lenovo 👍👍👍

  • 112demon

Wow if this indeed retails for 320E, it is going to be unbeatable tablet. (But I doubt it will, since P11 pro which is significantly worse retails for 500E+)

  • Lin

Good choice...

  • Anonymous

It is actually the best tablet you can buy. Its half of price of best samsung tablet and its twice better. Lenovo is the only company that finnaly figured out that we want oled screen. Great lenovo. Imma buy it.

  • Anonymous

ok. I'm a fan of this

I might have to get this 😳

  • omzig

if 320 € price tag is correct, then it can be the best bang for the buck tablet. but since lenovo p11 pro is 60% more expensive, i think 320 € is not a correct price, however sweet it may look