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  • Arvin

Screen sensitivity very poor double tap on screen not always working....hope there's an update to solve this issue

  • Anonymous

Please, after the last system update the volume of ringing is low even i set it on its maximum volume, after every standby u must adjust day and time and the network connection,the battery life is getting down fast, the last is when download the last update the phone is getting too hot.

  • AnonD-363653

AnonD-520524, 30 Mar 2016I've just got a firmware update. its not android 6 though. its a... moreyesterday update... 5.1.1 and result was.awful i need to format near 1 hour... then gud.result with awesome baterry life....

  • AnonD-520524

I've just got a firmware update. its not android 6 though. its android 5.1. better than nothing.

  • Ahmed ......

The SD memory card doesn't work.... It's wrote reformat SD memory ... What is the solution.... I tried to Formatting many times ... And nothing happened....

  • AnonD-518875

coolfox14, 29 Dec 2015do any one have this problem, every time i restart the device th... moreYap we have the same problem with date. Everytime we restart the phone

  • AnonD-518875

gelo, 02 Jan 2016same issue... just set to "network time"I already did,setthetime to network, but ocationaly when i reset the time and date reset also. I also tried hardware reset but itsno use

  • AnonD-518875

Simar, 16 Jan 2016Me dont have this problem. Date is correct after rebootSome when i reset the phone the date and time reset also to 1970

  • AnonD-518875

I also notice extraheat during standby even the phone is on my pocket and the overheat was confirmed when I unstall DU batery saver, the keep telling that phone is overheating even without activity.

  • AnonD-518875

The phone is great, large screen perfect, very good camera with dual tone led ligth, good at nigh shooting compared to others, good sound, the wifi is good even a distance from the router. Im not a gamer so i have no comment on phone performance on gaming. I string suggest to lenovo to add anti-spamming features on its messaging and call blocking feature for its dealer.

  • AnonD-518875

How I wish lenovo could include anti spam features on its messenger and call block feature on its dialer. Just like Samsung Notes.

  • AnonD-518875

I think theres a problem with the katest OS, some when I restart the phone the date and time will reset back to 1970. It happen to me three times. I hope lenovo will fix it.

  • Titooo

The name of my contacted dosnt apper... Only numbers ?!!

  • AnonD-518590

I just buy this Phab Plus about 2 day from Pc Depot Penang, Malaysia. Before this i use Meizu M1 Note, Phab Plus front camera not to good, Meizu M1 Note is more better. The sound from back speaker also not good. I just like because Phad because have big screen. For me this phone no have any special only big screen.

Hope Lenovo make this Phab more better from now model. Keypad Keylock same like Lenovo A880... To bad no improvement.

I still never try the SD card slot, i hove no problem at all. My Meizu more better from this and more chipper.

  • AnonD-511414

For screen flicker problem, install screen filter and set to about 50% brightness and it will be ok. I use darker screen filter and 50% setting seems to work well and is able to stabilize the screen. The play store is so funny. I click to download multiple apps and leave it there. After I go back and unlock the screen, it only start to install the first one. Same with updates as well. And my browser is so unresponsive, always cannot open even it shows full wifi signal. The play store is also like this. The camera is very clear but ovrheats the phone quite fast. Software updates is still fixing bugs. Im waiting for marshmallow. Lenovo launcher is not nice and horrible. Why dont give us the pure android lollipop launcher. I like samsungs touchwiz because it is fast. I mean lenovo ia adding that launcher which is a bloatware and i want to uninstall it. It also dont have a performance mode like asus or xiaomi.

  • AnonD-514928

I have had this phone after using huawei Samsung and Sony and I really find lenovo phab plus the best in price and battery and even design .. I recommend this phone quite confidently

  • Francis wong

the battery 3500mah is not enough to use...did i do switch wrong anything?

  • Koolz

Hi all, i bought lenovo phab plus few months gao, device seems fine, there are 2 issues I am facing, 1, facebook app cut from the sides, cant see all, i tried switching it to smaller letters but still same, also while playing games, does provide all sounds of game compared to other devices, for example applauds. Anyone can help? may be its just me or some settings needs to be adjusted???

  • avatar

That this price is good
But some iss
1- applock not working some time * main issu
2- whatsapp & other app noticefication nor show proparly * but its ok of thos price
3- and all app only download googleplay .otherwise u getting apps other mobile those apps not working or crres
How to slowr applock probem

  • AnonD-363653

Philippine user, 09 Mar 2016Hi what site i will get the update of this phab?hi..
you can update OTA at setting about tablet .. system update.. easyy..

if u hardcore player, site at forum lenovo ru.. is officially site russia..