Lenovo S650

Lenovo S650

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  • farizxm

i owned this phone 1 yr.good for me until now.awesome.

  • Anonymous

I used my s650 is about 10 months already and now I installed 108 apps on device storage!!
but it still running smooth.

  • JC

1. GPS is very lousy, and it unable located itself.
2. It is lagging (but how much you pay, how much you get)

  • fayas

its nice phone to use handy and chargeing is also good for me when i use 3g too

  • AHussain

Hi guys,
Could any one tell me which one is the cheap and best mobile phone in Lenovo? Really I need to buy very urgently.

  • yasin madathil

over heating and decreasing charge with out any reason.. Pls make necessary action.

  • Anonymous

prash, 18 Jun 2015I purchased s650 a year back.it was fine.now finding it difficul... moreYes..im facing same problem with u..make me hard to make call..

  • Rahimi

Hi everyone!
this phone is realy best it has best gaming preformance and it work very well its best phone i like it .........

  • prash

I purchased s650 a year back.it was fine.now finding it difficult to use..when open contact page it shows blank,message box doesnot open,missed calls dosnt show.very bad........

  • xuanzz

i have used this phone for 1 year also, and it will start the wifi and data connection automatically recently, anyone faced the same problem?

  • shibu

hi, my lenovo S650 phone is touch complaint,please help me

  • s650 hater.

Do not get this phone, I assure that you will regret everything if you ever buy this piece of junk. First of all, it overheats so easily while charging that I literally had to put it in front of a fan to cool it down. Secondly, this phone malfunctions 24/7 probably 10 times a day. No, I am not exaggerating, but honestly, an old Nokia phone may have less features but it runs better than this phone. Third, have you seen the lag. The LAG? This phone is so laggy. Like, extremely laggy. It literally struggles to swipe to a different page on the home screen and also lags so much when you decide to type. Fourth, the selfie camera is terrible and blurry. I mean the back camera is sort of decent, it just doesn't define colours as well which sort of disappoints me. The selfie camera is a whole different story though. Fifth, the lag when the phone is rotating is terrible and it makes me want to smash this phone. I am beyond done with this phone, and I plan on getting a better android phone. I find it amazing how I was able to put up with it for an entire year.

The only good thing:
- android.

  • anj

Worst just 9 months since I bought..phone gets heated up in 10 minutes during a call.battery shows 30 % but switches off in 5 minutes
.pleas fix

  • AnonD-405647

Just now my phone not working. It can't switch on at all..even when it charged..nothing appear at the screen. I have remove the battery and plug it back but it still the same. Anyone can help me please?

  • MShah

Someone please help me. My phone can't switch on at all. Even when it charged. Nothing appear at the screen.

  • Olkud knulla

Bought my s650 february 2014.. no problem until this morning.. the menu and back button bar at the bottom of the set is not working.. i wonder if it can be replaced.. i suspect it a sensor or ribbon prob.. anybody experienced this kind of problem before?

  • akmal

I have this phone. I love it. this phone is running fast, no lagging, good multitasking and good performance for gaming. There's no problem about this phone for me

  • jayr

my s650 was okay bit after a year it started malfunctioning. its not charging right now, the battery calibration thing isn't helping in any way and worst of all there are NO SERVICE CENTERS THAT COULD HELP ME FIX MY FONE!!!

  • Anonymous

halim, 11 May 2015hey..im user s650,i used this fone over one year,now its have pr... moreYou flash custom ROM in your s650?

  • Jedin

last month ago I'm try remove back cover is so hard and make damage to touch panel I can't use back navi bar and can't type word O L P Backspace on qwerty or other at this area. And it happen again with my new device when I try. Be careful