Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850

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  • shaktisinh

Phone is fully dull model because the phone is not able to open 25mb 's photos

  • good

i am using it since 2014 and it is working good.no touch problems.no hanging problem.working well after falling down many times

  • anand

i am using lenovo s850..... i can't able to connect the mobie data... can i know what is the problem ?

  • Nikhil sharma

MOHAN, 01 Mar 2016Pls dont buy Lenovo S850 manufacturing problemPlse don't buy lenovo s850 because software problem


Pls dont buy Lenovo S850 manufacturing problem

  • Zafira

I just want to ask. I'm using lenovo s850. I just want to ask why I cannot using the data? I'm already setting APN but still cannot working. Can anyone help me? I'm using lycamobile & I'm from london

  • Anonymous

yes because phone is soft touch , kit kat version is good

  • Anonymous

Kapil, 20 Feb 2016Phone is good, should say well working but the only problem is I... morehttp://de.aliexpress.com/wholesale?SearchText=Le­novo+S+850&catId=&initiative_id=SB_20160­225202227

  • pyan

have problem with contact manager... how to fix it?

  • Derrick

This phone is good but a it can read OTG USB.

is this phone is OTG Ready?

  • Kapil

Phone is good, should say well working but the only problem is I can't find the cover for it.

  • aween

Afshi, 30 Jan 2016I have the same same problem.....signals are not showingNo solution is it?

  • gopal

i am user of lenovo gadets especialy i like in s850 model is awesome camera and front is also good...& it is a budget gadget.....i satisfied as better friends

  • Anonymous

This phone is just awesome. 2014 till now it still working good

  • Dan

Sarah, 02 Feb 2016ive been using this model since end of 2014, i have nothing to c... moreOn aliexpress you can find anything you want related to this phone.

  • Dan

AnonD-500697, 14 Feb 2016poor battery poor performance gets heated while browsing even ... moreGood battery. Good performance. Excellent screen. No lag. Great looking. Great camera. Recommend.

  • AnonD-500697

poor battery
poor performance
gets heated while browsing even for a short time
It takes long time to save contacts. Even after clicking "save" it holds the screen with no action for a long time.
while opening contacts,it lags more time to load day by day
cannot connect this with any computer properly,the connection get freezes at minute
most the phone gets the initial complaint with the mike


and most worst thing is...its still on KIT-KAT version...no update available till date...

guys....try other better phone

  • Dipankar

is this phone have otg option ?

  • hardik

i m using lenovo vibe p1m and music > artist menu is unfortunately stopped while click on artists in music...

Can any one help?

  • Yam

I dropped my S850..and the back cover was broken...is there available cover i can purchase in your store? It still works, just the cover.