Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850

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  • Someone

Guys, did ur problematic phone ap set or ori set? I have this funny feeling that the ap set quality is too far apart from ori set. Lenovo only prioritize people that buy from their website i think

  • thomas

Frndz dont buy this phone. just 3 days before i got it, you will always face the network issue. you will regret, plz dont buy this

  • Anonymous

How can i have a screenshot for this phone? Thank you!

  • thomas

AnonD-294636, 15 Aug 2014I will have network issue in my s850 Sim1 network is very poor ... morethis is the problem with this set. me too have the same problem

  • BC (Malaysia)

This phone is great! All functions meet my expectation and requirements.
But, why the battery unable to achieve 100% charged after i charged for 8 hours?

  • Anonymous

guys i got this phone about 2 weeks ago....
1 applications are not working.
2 hangs a lot.
3 signal strength very poor.
4 the phone gets switch off after some time
5 need to be rebooted twice a day.
6 games does't work properly

plz think before u buy this cellphone....

  • mee

This is a great phone!! 5 of my friends already have bought one and the feedback from others is that all around it is a better phone comparison with a Samsung s4! great Smartphone!

  • RoTatoSketch

The phone come with android 4.4.2 (kitkat) in my country. (Roumania)

  • Anonymous

way, 01 Oct 2014I have a problem: those 3 buttons from the button(back,menu,home... moreoriginally without light

  • Anonymous

This phone can update to android kitkat.

  • Anonymous

The network issue is apparent on this phone from othet people's reviews.My phone needs to be restarted daily 1-2 times just to get proper network. If for some reason you are in a poor network zone eg basement parking the phone has to be restarted to catch the network again. If you dont do so then no calls get through. Internet is also a issue with the phone.Every now and then i have to stop start the data connection to get wats app and the net to work.Barring these issues which are the main requirments of a phone the rest is good. Good cam,looks, easy to plug into lappy etc.


check first...ori or not

  • Anonymous

Shiv, 01 Oct 2014The signal strength/network coverage is very weak. I had purchas... moreUnfortunately most of Lenovo phones suffer from BAD reception,I have S920, same problem !!!

  • way

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2014Dear , I have network problem of White colour Lenovo S850. It m... moreI have a problem: those 3 buttons from the button(back,menu,home)the light is not working...
I didn't found any option in menu, is this a technical problem or they are made working without light?!

  • jun

How to solve network problem.of these phone?because sim1 has a lower signal range.can't use mobile data.plz help.

  • ann

Minimin, 01 Oct 2014Hello , i'm having bluetooth problem with this phone S850 . I ca... moreMe too.. bluetooth problem.. plez help!

  • jun

vinu, 29 Sep 2014Can u plzzzz suugest me dis phne is good R nt...I am planning to... moreBad network signal.what the use of fantastic display.when network is down.signal cannot complete its range.

  • jun

How to solve network problem.very low signal in Sim 1 3g slot.plz help

  • Shoeb Anaari

Sanju, 01 Oct 2014Please suggest me whether I should buy S850 not?? I wanna buy t... moreI am using this mobile for 1month. Internet surfing is faster as compared to other phones.

  • Shiv

The signal strength/network coverage is very weak. I had purchased 3 days back and experienced serial network problems. The handset got replaced with another set today and this too seems no better....
That's a serious design deficiency....