Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

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  • Hacker XTR 111

Best Of Best tablet in my life . Reason To Buy Lenovo Yoga 10 HD +

1. Qualcomm snapdragon processeor
2. Pure HD Display
3. Up to 18 h Battery
4. 2gb Ram
5. 8 Ultra Megapixel
6. Dolby Sound Effects its louder than a big sound system
7. Quad core 1.6 GHz
8. Desing is awesome
9. Easy Handle with three bend tilt hold bend
10.also can connect with bluetooth keyboard , headset

  • winetaste69

Mary, 22 Dec 2014Hellow I cant make and recieve phone call with this tablet? mo... moreB8080-H does not have call function..only text messaging.. B8080-F model has the complete functionality

  • winetaste69

This tablet works fine in the first two weeks..but lately the auto rotate does not function on all apps..it also stuck at boot..

  • Mary

I cant make and recieve phone call with this tablet?
model: B8080-H
B8080-Soo3196-140611-ROw- 3G Data

  • nicky

the worst tablet i had ever seen in my ife

  • sara

Can discuss respective tab make and receive calls...!!

  • Nthabiseng

Does this tablet make and receive calls?

  • Anonymous

vahid, 01 Nov 2014The density of red color in watching movie is a big problem.also... moreI had this problem too with too much red and orange onscreen. Goto the forums at Lenovo and search for this post Yoga b8080 - display issues - oversaturated and red. After experimenting with the Smart Side Bar settings, I was able to see normal skin tones. I had to turn off the locked screen rotation setting as well to get the Tilt, Hold, Stand modes to start working properly. This is one strange bug.

  • vahid

The density of red color in watching movie is a big problem.also the playing of the movies is not smoothly

  • David

Bought it since 2 months now but very sorry for buying as it is too expensive comparing to real value

Pros :
Excellent battery lasts for 10 to 12 hours but if using 3g decrease to 6 to 7
Nice colours and resolution

Cons a lot :
Brightness is really bad specially outdoors
Graphic card advent 305 with high resolution display causing lag in almost all games even subway surfers unplayable
Lagging for most tasks as it low end or Chinese tablet
Mine has no call support function but 3g
3g is weak and signal fall a lot
Heavy weight
Little accessories
Camera is not good at all although it is 8 mega but can not be compared to s3
Battery can not be replaced except on official large store so if u r from small city Don not buy
2g ram not actually as by system only takes about 850 and leaves only 1 or more for your applications

Final score : 2 from 10

  • Supervai

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2014Yoga 10 HD+ got 3 version: 1. Wifi version. 2. 3g version with... moremine is with wifi and 3g but cannot call.

  • AnonD-112389

I'm disappointed at its max brightness of 333 lux in a $700+ tablet. It should be at least 360 lux which is an average feature. With 300+ lux (Acer, HP tablets), you need to keep 80% screen brightness to read comfortably in slightly dim room, & it drains battery quickly. With 360-444 lux (Dell 8 pro, Lenovo K3011), you have to keep 80% screen brightness to read comfortably in well lit library, & 50% in a dim corner or room. BUT, you can not read them comfortably out side even in the shade in a cloudy day. The Miix 2 8 tablet might (500+ lux). I URGE LENOVO TO IMPROVE THIS FEATURE WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT.
LG Optimus Vu P895

  • C.M.Ashraf Valluvamb

Very nice

  • timebomb

Yoga 10+ have 3 version:
1. Wifi only version.
2. 3g with data only version.
3. 3g with data and call function version.

Please verify and confirm before purchase.

  • Anonymous

msalah, 17 Sep 2014Any one can help me to know if this device yoga 10 HD + have a p... moreYoga 10 HD+ got 3 version:
1. Wifi version.
2. 3g version with data only.
3. 3g version with data and call function.

Please verify before purchase, I'm from Malaysia and here got no.2 version (refer above details) only.

  • mimi

Hye ,, I really love this tablet ,, watch movie? Tiptopp !!! Can make a call ,, hear music ,, the colour just sooo great ,,

  • msalah

Any one can help me to know if this device yoga 10 HD + have a phone call support or not I am asking about the WiFi and 3g version

  • AnonD-302076

I bought the Lenovo yoga 2 older version 10". Not the HD version. I am quite happy with the performance. Got it upgraded to kit kat version. good for watching movies and listening to music. This being a tablet, dont expect too much. Clarity is more than good, Performance is good, sound quality is average, and battery life is excellent. After charging it 100 pct, I saw at least 3 movies in it continously,and at the end it had almost 72 pct battery left. But if you start watching steaming movies, then the battery wears out more quickly, but still will last for at least 6 to 7 hours. I am happy I bought this.

  • Nimitz

I bought the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ last week in Jarir Book store.now i'm still observing the performance of it.
for me its very practical to buy this.the speed, the resolution and the sound are good.but sad to say there is no phone only wifi.seems ok then.

  • pao

Guys makes sure that you buy Lenovo yoga 10 HD+. maybe the reason why u you experience those problems.coz you buy the first version the Lenovo yoga 10 not the yoga 10 HD+. Coz my friend buy the yoga 10 and he's not happy with it ...buy while my HD + is great..