Lenovo Z6 Pro

Lenovo Z6 Pro

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  • John

Aliexpress has this on sale. Saw it on their front page and decided to come and check the specs and opinions here

  • thomask

rather wait for xiaomi mi9t

  • Aymen

shakir, 04 Jun 2019Now I have z6 pro I am so regretful dont buy it, the camera qua... moreIs that real ? I can't believe

  • Anonymous

camera is okay, software isn't.

  • lobomanvk

This smartphone has not NFC, confirmed by Lenovo Store.

  • shakir

Now I have z6 pro I am so regretful dont buy it, the camera quality very bad.

  • Lobomanvk

rko, 24 May 2019yessSure? in the web of lenovo do not say that it has NFC

  • UMAR

in singapore when its lon ch.

  • Seyhan

will it come to the U.K ???

Lenovo Customer and Software support, worst than any other smartphone company.

The fingerprint sensor is very slow and unreliable. This phone is just garbage...

  • joe

where can I pick this phone in Cameroon?

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 25 May 2019Blame donald trump.He has problems with Lenovo too? :D

Mobilemaster, 18 May 2019Come on, why only for China?Blame donald trump.

  • Unknown

Anonymous, 25 May 2019Wher is the 100mp camera?Still waiting on that myself. They'll probably invent one in a few years to a decade. Lets keep waiting though :D

  • Anonymous

Wher is the 100mp camera?

  • rko

toni, 20 May 2019are NFC included ??? yess

  • toni

are NFC included ???

Come on, why only for China?

  • Dennis K

Jordy K, 02 May 2019When will it be in stores in the Netherlands??They don't seem to hit global market, only in China but other places charge too much